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Newcomer Guide (Survivor) Completed

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In-Game Name: .R
Digital ID: 2876977
Edited by Mr.R at 2018-8-27 12:51

Hello there, welcome to Identity V! If you are just starting to play this game, I hope that this guide may be able to help you get to know the game better!

The purpose of this guide is to attempt to help new players enhance their early game with the available survivors, slowly helping them get use to the game. And to also deal with issues such as camping hunters and such.
Before you continue reading this always remember the survivor win condition.
Survivor Win Condition:
Decode 5 cipher machines to open exit gate and have at least more than 3 survivors escpaing the hunting grounds. So get decoding!


Emily Dyer (Doctor)
External Traits
In-Game Description

Med Master

Carries around a syringe and can heal herself when wounded. Due to her medical background, syringes are not depleted when used.Starts game with syringe, used to self-heal when wounded. Unlimited use of the syringe as the doctor.

Med Elite

Possess superb medical skills. The speed of healing others is increased by 60%, and self-healing speed increased by 20%. All teammates' healing speed is increased by 5%.
  • You heal others 60% faster.
  • You heal yourself 20% faster.
  • Your teammates healing speed is 5% faster.


Physically weak. Vaulting speed is decreased by 15%.You're 15% slower when vaulting over pallets and windows.


Veterans are more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2s boost when hit.2 seconds speed boost when hit by the hunter.

The Doctor's fast healing capability is what makes her such a great support. It takes only two hit to down a survivor, and it requires just the doctor to prevent that from happening! She's a great support especially to rescuers and those who goes head on with hunters, such as Forward, Mercenery, Coordinator, Magician, and Thief.

Item: Syringe
The Syringe gives the Doctor the ability to heal herself for an unlimited amount of times. This ability is what makes the Doctor decent in saving survivors and kiting hunters. Being able to take the hit and healing yourself.

As you decode your way to freedom, pay attention to not only the hunter, but your teammates. Being ready to heal them when the opportunity arises. As a support, besides your duty to decode and heal everyone, pay attention to your team's decoy or rescuer, their roles is what increases your chances of escape. Ensure they are always healed and rather to dive at the hunters again. Make sure to get talents such as "Doctor" and "Spectator" which enhances your abilitiy as a Doctor.

As mentioned above, the Doctor is also decent in rescue and kiting. Being able to take a hit to rescue someone and find a place to hide to heal herself. Get the talent Tide Turner to allow you and the person you rescue to be protected for 20 seconds, if you manged to outrun the hunter, you can quickly heal your teammates after the effect wears off. For campers who targets the same survivor, you can actually try healing  yourself nearby if you're wounded to bait the hunter into targeting you, make sure you know how to escape though!

Here are my persona talent tree for some reference!

Freddy Riley (Lawyer)
External TraitsIn-Game Description Simplified


Carries around a map that can be used to check the location of large buildings, undecoded cipher machines and escape exits. The map displays his and his teammate's location and will display the hunter's location when their outline appears. It's a hand-drawn map, so it's far from perfect. Due to his good reading habits, maps are not depleted when used.Starts game with map, that roughly shows you the entire hunting ground. Unlimited use of map as the lawyer.
Map displays location of:
  • You
  • Teammates
  • Cipher machines (Both decoded and undecoded)
  • Hunter (only when their outline appears)


The lawyer has a silver tongue and convinces his teammates that they will ultimately be resued by him. Thanks to him, his teammates' persistence on rocket chairs is increased by 5%. Also, survivors within 8 meters of him will be inspired; their decoding, healing and destroying speed is increased by 10%.Rocket chair progress 5% slower when teammate is place on rocket chair.

All survivors within 8 meters of the lawyer:
  • 10% faster decoding
  • 10% healing
  • 10% faster destroying


Physically weak. Vaulting speed is decreased by 15%. You're 15% slower when vaulting over pallets and windows.
Veterans are more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2s boost when hit.2 seconds speed boost when hit by the hunter.

Information is key to victory, and that is what I love about the Lawyer. With his trusty map and his 10% increased decoding, healing and destroying speed aura, he is a very good survivor to decode with.

Item: Map
The map shows the layout of the hunting ground (though not perfect), location the entire team, cipher machines, exit gates, and hunters. You can only see the hunter when outline appears, which occurs when a hunter hits a survivor, Mind's Eye skill:Echolocation, survivor on a balloon, and when the hunter is near detection radius of the survivor on a rocket chair.

As the Lawyer you would want to locate and decode with another teammate, giving them a 10% decoding speed boost when they are within 8 meters of you. It works really well with talents such as "Herd Effect" & "Hawthron Effect", which further boost the decoding, healing and destroying speed of both you and your teammates when they are around you.

And since you have the trusty map on your hands, you can plan and lead you teammates to the next cipher machine after decoding one. And to prevent remaining cipher machines being so close to each other, this will give the hunter the upper hand.

Don't let the hunter get you since you can buff your teammates, one way to keep track of the hunter without it being displayed on the map is to see your teammates behaviour on the map. A sudden movement such as abondoning a cipher machine can mean that the hunter is chasing that survivor.

Here are my persona talent tree for some reference!

Kreacher Pierson (Thief)

External Traits  In-Game Description Simplified


Carries around a flashlight and can incapacitate hunters by shining light on them for a certain time. An ample power supply allows him to use flashlight 100% longer. Starts the game with flashlight, used to stun hunters. Flashlight durability is doubled for thief.


Flexible body. Obstacle vaulting speed is increased by 15%.Able to vault over pallets and windows 15% faster.


Old habits die hard. He often steals parts when decoding. All teammates' chance of triggering a calibration is increased by 10% and the scope of success decresed by 10%.All teammates:
  • 10% increased chance of triggering calibration.
  • 10% decreased calibration scope of success

Lock Pick

Talented lock pick. Thanks to him, all members' chest opening speed is increased by 100%.
All teammates' opens chest faster by 100%.
Though he causes some disadvantege in calibration, he is the most agile among these survivors. Suitable to kite hunters and rescue teammates. The increased chest opening speed is also really helpful.

Item: Flashlight
The flashlight allows the thief to stun the hunter after a certain amount of time. As the thief, you can use the flashlight twice as long before it's depleted.

Just go around decoding until you meet the hunter or try to get the hunters attention on you. Kite them, drop pallets and use the flashlight, it will cause the hunters to look the other way to avoid being stunned. While kiting keep in mind to maintain a distance while flashing the hunter with the flashlight. When the hunter breaks a pallet, immediately use the flashlight, the animation time of the hunter breaking the pallet is roughly the same duration to stun the hunter with the flashlight. For every animation the hunter do try to stun the hunter with the flashlight. You can also save a teammate by using the flashlight on the hunter while your teammate is being carried, causing the captured teammate to be free without touching the chair.

Disclaimer: It might be difficult to pull out a flashlight stun for begginers. But practice makes perfect.

Here are my persona talent tree for some reference!

Emma Woods (Gardener)

External Traits In-Game Description Simplified


Carries around a toolkit that is used to destroy rocket chairs. The more active rocket chairs that remain, the faster her destroying speed is. Due to her basic repair skills, toolkits are not depleted when used.Stars the game with a toolkit, used to destroy rocket chairs. Unlimited use of toolkit as the Gardener.

The more rocket chairs on the map, the faster she destroys them.

Mech Expert

Possesses certain repair skills. When a calibration is triggered, the scope of success is increased by 50%, and the chance of trigerring one is decreased by 50%. Thanks to her, all teammates' scope of success is increased by 5%, and chance of triggering a calibration is decreased by 5%.When calibration is trigger, scope of success is increased by 50% and the chance of triggering one is reduced by 50%.

All teammates:
  • 5% increased calibration scope of success.
  • 5% decrease chance of triggering calibration


Due to her familiarity with the structure of rocket chairs, she is less scared and her persistence on a rocket chair is increased by 10%.Rocket chairs progress 10% slower when you are strap on rocket chair.


Veterans are more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2s boost when hit.2 seconds speed boost when hit by the hunter.
The Gardener, some says she's bad, some says she's good. I think she is a very suitable survivor for beginner's because of the 50% increased calibration scope of success and the 50% reduced chance of triggering calibration, it's a very safe character. And her ability to us the toolkit wihout limit to dismantle rocket chairs is pretty decent when used properly.

Item: Toolkit
Grants the ability to dismantle rocket chairs. As the gardener, the usage is unlimited, the more rocket chairs in the hunting ground, the faster the dismantling speed.

The ability to dismantle rocket chair is pretty amazing, however it could be countered by the hunter's "Abnormal" ability which fixes rocket chairs, and soul weaver ability: Cacoon Death (An altertive rocket chair). Following this, decoding would be much more beneficial than dismantling rocket chairs. However, if you use this ability wisely then it would be beneficial to you and your team.

It's important to take note that, decoding cipher machines must take priority. So don't keep dismantling every rocket chair you see! Go decode too! So  are a two tips on using the ability wisely.
1) Dismantling Rocket Chairs that are out in the open.
  • Rocket chairs out in the open are chairs which are not near or in an environment for juking (eg: many walls, pallets). By taking away those chairs, you'll be able to spend more time decoding while also providing a better environment for your teammembers to escape/rescue.

2) Dismantling Rocket Chairs near the exit gate/area.
  • This is one of my favourite strategy, where the area near the exit gate or a certain area are rocket chair free. It takes slightly more time to pull this off, but when this is done. You create an environment that your decoy would be safe to struggle out of the hunters grasp. Although the hunter could leave the person to bleed out, which will also cost them. Survivor that are down require more time to bleed out then on rocket chairs, and they can move to other locations for a strategic rescue.

However, if the hunter counters you with the ability abnormal, or you're up against a soul weaver, you can just try option one and find another item in the chest, and focus on decoding.
As the Gardner, you just might get caught by the hunter while dismantling rocket chairs, you could benefit the team by kiting as much as possible until you are caught. In the event that, you are strap to the rocket chair, you can still benefit the team as well. With your trait to slow down the progress of the rocket chair, pick up talents such as "Snooze" which slows down Rocket Chair progress and "Distress" which enables all your teammates to see each other while your waiting to go and join the stars. By doing this, you'll slow down the rocket chair's progress while allowing your teammembers to know where they are. And as long as you're on the rocket chair, this will allow your teammembers to focus more on decoding while the hunters slowly camps there.

Here are my persona talent tree for some reference!

Deduction Substitute (Lucky Guy)

External Traits  In-Game Description Simplified

Lucky Guy

A man who has absolutely nothing must rely on luck to survive.You start with nothing.


Veterans are more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2s boost when hit.2 seconds speed boost when hit by the hunter.
It's a playable survivor, with only the 2 seconds speed boost after being hit by hunter. You can use this survivor if you're looking for a challenge.

Item: None

You can find items in chest and go decode. He's just a playable survivor, nothing special..... yet. ;)

Before ending this, I would like to provide some tips from my experience.

As you progress into the game, you will definitely meet what is known to be "camping hunters". Those are hunters that will stay with you until you meet the stars before moving on to another target. Personally, I do not dislike the idea nor do I like it. It does in fact spoil the game's fun for some people to a certain extent, however, I do acknowledge it as a valid strategy (eventhough it's annoying). So here are some tips that might help.

1) Do not get caught
If you do get caught before decoding any cipher machine, then it would definitely give the hunter more time to hunt the rest. So try not to get caught until you claer a couple of cipher machines

2) Camping Hunters = More time to decode
Saving your teammate is definitely a good idea as well, but please have at least 1 or 2 survivor decoding instead of all going in for the rescue. You need them exit gates to open!

3) Saving is not neccessary saving
If the camping hunter is the type to aim for only one survivor even after the resuce, then it might cause more harm to both the person and your team. Because once the survivor is back at the rocket chair again, they are one step closer to the moon (fly away), and the hunter will have more time to move to another target. So sometimes it's better to just focus on decoding. Unless you got an effective plan of course.

4) Pay attention to communication
This is pretty important. To those of you who ignores your buddy's "Focus on decoding!" or "You go first." and still try to make the rescue, it is very honorable and definitely appreciated. However, sometimes your mates are telling you to either focus on the priority to decode, or just leave me because the hunter has the talent "Detention" which activates when the exit gate is available, which will give the hunter the ability to one-shot anyone. Most camping hunters carries this talent along (To know whether the hunter has this talent, you can see their eyes glowing red when the talent is activated). Since I'm on this topic, another thing to keep in mind is sometimes the hunters who camp carries the skill "Teleport", be very aware.

5) Being the sacrifice is not that bad
Good at kiting? Volunteer yourself now to dance with the hunter while your teammates decode their way to freedom! Two things will happen, (1) You managed to keep dancing with the hunter until you manage to escape with your team! (2) You got tired and finally sit on a roicket chair, you and the hunter watched all 3 of your teammates escape and finally turned into a star (because you'll fly away).

Other tips:
  • Remember the location of dungeons (hear the wind)
  • Learn how to some basic kiting
  • Try walking instead of running sometimes (it doesn't leave tracks)
  • Popular/frequent decoding spots aren't always good
  • Try not leave the last few cipher machines in a cluster

I would like to mentioned that I'm an average player in this game, and I really hope this will help you guys (newcomers) enjoy Identity V.
I do appreciate some feedback if there is something lacking in this guide, or if there are other tips!

Have fun playing the game!


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