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[Knight Arthur] Hell Ember accessory idea

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Edited by TigerxTiger at 2021-2-22 08:33

Hello everyone. Come back again with accessory idea site.

Name: Knight Arthur.

Tier: S.

Shape: Purple hexagon pendant with golden chain that hang at neck(Same theme as King Arthur costume.).

Effect: His puppet clothes will change to medieval knight costume that are brown cuirass with black lateral strip and blue tunic underneath, black metal plate armor cover chest, shoulders, arms, and lower legs, black leather belt with golden buckle and holes, and clothes wrap at left upper arm(Color change according to its color.). His puppet weapon will change to 2 edge sword with black metal guard and pommel, and blue handle. His puppet attack recovery animation will change to wipe sword with clothes(Color change according to its color.).

Wish you like it.

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Next Hell Ember idea: None.

Thank you.


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