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[Scary Christmas] Smiley Face costume idea(Christmas series)

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Edited by TigerxTiger at 2021-2-24 00:52

Hello everyone. Welcome to new item idea for Smiley Face.

Name: Scary Christmas.

Type: Costume.

Tier: B.

Shape: Same as Worn Clothes costume.

Skin: Same as Worn Clothes costume.

Head: White mask which has red outer and black inner scars across red outer rim and black inner rim of both sharp eyes, big red round nose, red narrow beard, red lip that smile evily and show white teeth, hairstyle same as Worn Clothes costume but green and bine with gold string and stars like christmas tree, and christmas hat that cover with sharp snow.

Upper body: Red long arm santa coat that cover with sharp snow at shoulder and show white long arm sweater, green glove that show no finger(His finger is sharp both left and right hands.), green ribbin with gold border that tie like gift at neck and tie like bandage at left upper arm, red gift box that cover with sharp snow and tie with green ribbin with gold border and tether by black flow at right waist, and lateral white and red bars scarf that place like Worn Clothes costume.

Lower body: Green long leg pant which worn at right knee and show golden prosthetic leg like Original costume, gold bar at left leg end with black leather boot, and black leather belt that cover with sharp snow.

Weapon: Red head-end rocket with lateral green and gold bars, and red handle.

To be easy, this is Dark Xmas costume but I just suggest to change some detail.

Wish you like it.

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Next Christmas series idea: None.

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Next Smiley Face idea: None.

Thank you.


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