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SURVIVOR OC - The Mime (Basic Info, Traits)

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Detective Diaries
In-Game Name: Carobug
Digital ID: 12297526
Edited by Carobug at 2021-2-9 04:50

Just a character I made while I was bored. She probably needs to be balanced, but I tried my best ^^"

Basic Info
Name: Léa LacroixGender: Female
Nationality: French
Occupation: The Mime
Interests: Theatre, mythology
Likes: Good books, performing
Dislikes: Hypocrites
Specialty: Container/Secondary Rescuer (Depending on items)

1. Pantomime - Amazing talent shouldn't be enough to make your pantomimes real for others. However, that limit doesn't include The Mime. Every 90 seconds she's able to create a pantomime of one of three recently used and memorized items or obstacles.
(Note: So, three recently memorized objects appear on the wheel similar to the one where emotes and graffitis are. Basically, you can use an item like a flare gun twice, or create a new window to get a speed boost while transitioning to a new kiting area)
A pantomime pallet can only replace previously broken pallets, and windows can only be placed in wide enough spaces. The pantomime of an item will be automatically added to The Mime's inventory.
Only one pantomime can exist at the same time. As The Mime has to focus in order to keep it in existence, her memory of previously used objects gets cleared.
[Note: So if you have, let's say, a syringe and a flare gun in your memory, and use a flare gun to rescue a teammate, and then use its pantomime after rescue (poor hunter), you can't create a syringe to heal yourself anymore - you'd have to find it in a chest and you'll just be able to use her twice. The pantomime will stay on the map/in your inventory till the end of the game, unless it's replaced with a new one (or, in case of items or pallets, used or destroyed)]

2. The mute kid - Despite her best attempts, The Mime finds it hard to communicate with others. Every teammate cooperating with The Mime decreases overall decoding/healing speed by 10%
(Note: If I could play The Mime and there was a Cipher Rush going on, I'd go find my own cipher, or go to the Exit Gate to start opening as soon as the last cipher pops. Same with healing - do it alone, or leave it to your teammates and focus on decoding instead. Otherwise, You'd just be wasting time.)

3. Attention seeking - The Mime wants to be noticed and appreciated by others. When running towards an injured or chaired teammate, her vaulting speed increases by 20%


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