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New Survivor OC Idea proposal (The Novelist) Biodata and Skill description

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Detective Diaries
In-Game Name: FayeSummers
Digital ID: 26025695
Azalea 'Rae' Delavan
Alias: Xael (Pronounced 'Zale)
Age: 25
Role: Contain, Support
Occupation: Novelist
Item: Leather bound journal and fountain pen

Debuff: Decoding and Heal/Healing speed

External traits:
- Dazed
(After selecting a survivor as a 'protagonist', it is better to steer clear of the said survivor during decoding as she will have a really bad decoding debuff due to her mind wandering off/thinking of writing ideas, up to 20% slower)
(Decoding with another survivor (non-protag) will decrease her decoding speed by 10% because of her nervousness of how people percieve her and wanting to make a good impression)
(Different situation if she's decoding alone, she will have decent decoding skills)

- Adventurous
(Exploring the backyard woods during my childhood was fun! Vaults windows and pallets fairly fast. Gains 15% movement speed after vaulting. Has a 40 second cooldown)

- Unwell
(Healing speed is decreased 10% when healing teammates. When teammates heal her, will be 15% slower)

- Supporting characters
(Can see all positions of survivors and hunters for 5 seconds during the start of the game)


- Protagonist
(Selects one survivor during any time of the game to provide a speed buff of 10% and a shield for one hit)
(Can be used once during any time of the game. Can be stacked with one more if she manages to save her protagonist from a chair)

- Plot 'armour'
(If a chaired survivor is saved by her, she will provide one turn from her own hit limit to the survivor after she rescued them)
(Better if she has full health when rescuing to prevent her from becoming terror shocked in place of her saved teammate)

- Non-fiction
(This ability is charged with 'inspiration' when she's around the hunter. The nearer the hunter is to her, the faster the inspo gaining speed. After gaining enough inspo, she will write in her journal and can create a floating imagery of whimsical fog of stories in the air to temporarily stun the hunter)
(After using this ability, the hunter will see her current position for 2 seconds)
(When she's doing the writing action, her speed decreases a bit, so be careful)


Azalea Rae Delavan was the sixth child of the Delavan family; which was known for their numerous achievements and contributions to the academic field. She was a genius and was able to read a well versed book by the age of 5. However, Azalea loved fairy tales and the world of fantasy, but she has to keep her fascination a secret as her family doesn't approve of such nonsense genres and fantasies muddling her head. She has a secret stash of storybooks that she keeps under her bed, bought with the pennies she collects on the ground whenever she plays outside.

She was once enrolled into a prestigious school highly praised for their excellence in academics and genius students. However, Azalea ends up falling behind her peers for being 'incompetent'. After failing a number of examinations, she was moved to a public school; much to the disgrace of her family. She got first place in each exams after that, but it didn't satisfy her parents pride for she wasn't in a prestigious school anymore.
This is when her obsession and desperation for love and approval from her family began. She became deeply afraid of being disowned and abandoned due to her incompetency, thus starting the early phase of her self-loathe. This behavior also started her occasional mood swings and mental breakdowns. Despite that she still puts on a positive façade, in hopes that if she continues such behaviour, her family will sure give her their affection, albeit it being fake.

During highschool, Azalea never had any friends, since she was afraid of meeting their expections. Until she met Jonah; a pleasant young man who was willing to be 'friends' with her. Azalea's impressive writing talent sparked his interest. Ever since they initiated this friendship, Azalea managed to gain a few friends, which Jonah insisted and reminded that it was because of 'his effort to help her make friends'. This made her very dependent on him and she would do anything and everything for him, despite being fully aware of the consequences.

A few years after graduation, Azalea got into a family fight when she couldn't get accepted to any of the universities that her parents wanted. In the spur of emotions of the moment, she ran and told Jonah about it to where Jonah suggested that they both run away; to achieve her dreams 'together'. She immediately agreed as long as she could be together with the person who truly 'cared' for her. And so they both ran away from the town to a farther town up north two days after, to which Azalea also adopted her new name, derived from her original name, Xael. (Pronounced as 'Zale')

She and Jonah rented a cheap apartment and lived there for a good few years, before managing to move into a better one with the money gained by the sales from Xael's novels. Despite the money being primarily from her hard work, Jonah insisted that she only gets 15% of the total profit and give the rest to him as a token of thanks for 'bringing her fame to greater heights' and that she should be grateful that he stayed by her side to help her achieve her dream. She agreed with no complaints, in effort to please him and make him remain interested in her.

One fateful day, as she and Jonah were walking down the street to the bank (Jonah said he needed to withdraw some money to help her sales; despite it remaining quite high but not recieving much changes for quite some time), they came across a tram rail with lights green and the gates opened to let pedestrians walk pass. A cat was sitting in the middle of the rails and Jonah walked towards it first before picking it up and petting it. As Xael was still standing quite some distance away from the rail watching Jonah, she noticed some distant screams of people warning to move away from the rails because the tram that was coming towards them at full speed malfunctioned and could not brake until something (or someone) crashed into it.

Fearing for Jonah's life, she sprinted forward while shouting at Jonah to step away from the rail. Jonah, not having heard her cries, only turned around noticing Xael running towards him while the cat leaped away from his arms. Thats only when he noticed the oncoming tram, but not being able to avoid it in time, crashed into him, rendering his body into a horrific sight.

The one hand Xael extended in attempt to pull Jonah away got hurt by the moving tram, leaving a permanent scar that will forever haunt her with grief and regret.

She stopped writing entirely for a long time.

Years after Jonah's death, after doing her annual visit to his grave, she decided that she has no purpose in life now. Her dream of being a novelist was achieved, but what purpose would it have if the person who 'helped' and 'cared' for her wasn't around for her to care for anymore?

Xael returned home that day with a bag of groceries, with the intention of ending her life by the peaceful crackling from the fireplace.

Upon locking her front door, a letter slipped through the door flap. Unable to recognise the emblem on the wax seal, she opened it out of curiosity.
(She hadn't had contact with anyone else other than Jonah for the past couple of years, as Jonah said that they shouldn't be trusted, and should only let him do the talking for her.)

The content of the letter was most mysterious, with the sender claiming to have really enjoyed her novels, despite her very long hiatus. The sender also added that if the letter reached her, it was a 'sign by the gods above'.

She was most surprised that the sender used her real name. (Aside from her family, only Jonah knew her full name)

The sender, promising her with a way to end her grief and give inspiration to get her authors block cured, invites her to the Oletus manor as a participant for an event and expressed it would be an honour if she could join it.

The sender sure does have a way with words, for Xael was convinced to accept the invitation; she was so used to only accepting and following what Jonah told her to do and what not to do. Jonah did all the 'harder' stuff for her because she was told that people 'don't like her' as much as Jonah did.
Maybe this could be a new start for her? To move on from Jonah and to finally be accepted into society?

She abandoned the bag of coal by the cold fireplace in the unventilated living room and set off to the mansion that very night, with the hopes that she could find the cure to the dark space in her grieving soul.

- Recommended persona type:
Needs persona/teammates to help with decoding and healing due to her debuff.

- Selfless, Bubbly, Imaginative/Creative, Impulsive, People Pleaser, Desperate, Bottled Up, Constant state of Grief and Self-loathe

Trivia about Xael:

- Her role is designed to make her stay away from her teammates the majority of the time for as long as possible. (Her 'selfless' personality)
- Is always smiling to appear 'pleasant' to other people
- Is actually good at writing song lyrics and singing. She sees these as a hobby
- Her favourite game is tag (solo tag at least, since she never had any playmates of her age when she was a child)
- Has a soft spot for children.
- She likes storytelling, chatting, playing,  plays and musicals, music and chocolate
- That one strand of wavy hair that goes down the right side of her face doesn't seem to stay straight like the other parts of her hair
- The sweater in her default appearance was Jonah's; which explains the oversized-ness
- She has abandonment issues and can get overly attached to someone
- Jonah is a subtle gaslighter; looks and acts pleasant but is manipulative
- Xael's favourite fairy tale is The Little Mermaid (the real version)

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