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New Survivor idea! The Artist

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The Landlord
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I am aware an Artist has already been heavily concepted, but this is my interpretation of what she could be, and has a story! I spent quite a long time on trying to mimic the style of IDV~ Using a French smock, and researching old types of clothes that female artists used to wear back in the day~

Rosalin Thorne

The Artist, lived a life of simply trying to get by, after her mother passed away, her father tried to get her into  something other than art, while art was her only coping mechanism. She painted consistently, and often did specialty paintings for those who were grieving over the loss of others. Simply liking to see the happiness in others, her father abandoned her to get back on his own feet, and due to the fact she ran away at a certain age.

The Artist was okay with this, especially since her father told her she would make more money off of selling her body to other men, often even forcing her to do such acts.

After hearing about the Manor offering money through a letter, blinded by her need to not only support herself but to get more art supplies, and her own studio, she went without a second thought...Only to be trapped in the game.

~* The Artist has the ability to use her paintbrush and do one of two abilities:

Guardian: The Artist will paint a clone of a survivor who is being pursued by the Hunter, and it will appear behind said survivor. As the survivor runs, the painting clone will follow behind, if the painting takes the hit, it will explode into a bunch of paint. Triggering a cooldown for her first ability.

Getting work done: The Artist will paint a clone of herself, and once the painting is complete, it will move to the nearest Cipher, and begin to decode the machine. It will continue to do so until it is hit, or when the Cipher is decoded. Once one of these actions happens, the clone will explode into paint, triggering a cooldown.

External Traits

Comfort: Due to her only finding solace in her paintings, The Artist can only hold onto her paintbrush, and refuses to put it down for another item.

Fragile: Because the Artist did only paintings in her life, she is physically weak and vaults 10% slower.

Scolded: The Artists' father verbally, and at times physically abused her about improving herself in some aspect other than painting and due to this, she is much more vigilant, gaining an additional 3s boost when hit.

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