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The Landlord
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Detective Diaries
In-Game Name: VikiViLTU
Digital ID: 5243504
Once upon a time, one survivor shown off in my mind!
Name: Edward Crosser
''Job'': Vampire
Decoding speed is reduced 20% if he decodes with other survivor, because he
can't concentrate on decoding. He want blood
If you met vampire in the match, you're ''touched''. Vampire can see where
you are.
Skill Idea 1: He can bite the teammate because he want blood! Then he bites
the survivor, the random skill appears to the teammate (Tranquillity and
more) Skill cooldown: 1 minute
Skill Idea 2: He and him bat is soul friends. So, he will be stunner. If
the skill loads 50%, hunter is blinded for 2-3 seconds because bat close
hunter eyes , if skill loads 100%, hunter is blinded for 5-7 seconds.
Skill Idea 3: His soul animal is bat. So if skill loads 100%, he can
transform into the bat and choose him place to stay. That's called
Skill cooldown: 2-3 minutes
Skill Idea 4: He's rescuer. If vampire is near hunter with tied survivor,
he's running speed is increased by 20%. But most important thing - he have
his lovely spiders. If Edward is near hunter, he take spiders out of box,
and spiders bite the hunter. If spiders bite the hunter, hallucinations
starts and he can see ''fake survivors'' for 5 seconds.
Skill cooldown: 1-2 minutes.
Or maybe he have limited number of boxes (maybe 3?)
Skill Idea 5: Edward have really ''hard past'' and his memories always show
off. So he have to control his emotions. Then he see ties survivor or
survivor on rocket chair, his emotions scale is increased by 30%; if he see
decoding survivor, emotion scale increase by 15%; if he open the gate, the
emotion scale increase by 20%; if he meet teammate, his scale increase by
10%. The emotion scale can do 3 things:
1. Increase decoding speed
2. Increase rescuing speed
3. Increase vaulting speed.
But the past hurts him. He like to talk with others, that's help him, so he
can send this skill to random survivor.
Skill cooldown: 30 second.
I wish You like my idea and show it off to the game! If you agree, I can
send this character story! Well, thanks for Your attention!

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