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soul weaver's lore below

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Detective Diaries
In-Game Name: fatTarantula
Digital ID: 9696969696969696
violetta has phocomelia. this is a disorder which deforms the body. violetta, because of this, has meat stumps for arms and legs. as a baby, she was abandonded by her parents under the seats of a freakshow called 'Max's Amazing Cabin!'. Max finds her and raises her. violetta sees max as a father, thinking he loves her. wrong. he was only using her for the money, and used her to perform something called 'The Half-Human Half-Penguin show' (could be wrong). in this show, she knitted. she wore some type of beak-looking mask, which is the mask you can see her wearing in her og or worn clothes skin.

soon, the audience was getting bored of her.
aware of this, violetta tries other tricks. for example: she tries to balance on a beach ball, but only kept falling over and gained alot of bruises.

eventually, max puts her into a cage on a carriage and shes taken to another themepark (presumably moonlit?). violetta is heart broken.
when there, she meets a mechanic, Tracy Reznik. tracy makes the spider costume for her, and the prosthetic limbs.

violetta goes to moonlit and continues to knit. her show is now called the Human Spider show.

This could be wrong, ill update it if i can. just wanted to share! au revoir.

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