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[New] [1st Anniversary] YouTube Video Competition

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The Landlord
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Rules and Regulations
`Tap to Participate. You can also find the registration link in the in-game mails, official Facebook fan page, official Twitter page, and official forum. After registration, please upload your video to your personal YouTube account.
`Submissions: Submissions must contain [Identity V Anniversary] in the title of the video. Number of Submissions: A participant can submit multiple videos, but only one will be awarded (highest out of all submissions). Collaborated videos must be submitted by one account only; multiple submissions of the same video will not be accepted.
`Topic: All original videos related to Identity V are welcome – more so, if anniversary-related.
`Content: Highly relevant to Identity V, in any form.
`Video Length: Videos must be between 1 - 20 minutes.
`Originality: The submission must be original works of recent creation. Misappropriations, plagiarizations, and submitting on someone else's behalf will not be accepted. References must attain the authorization of the original creator, and relevant sources/references must be clearly listed in the video intro. Violators will be automatically disqualified.
`Event Period:Submission: 07/11 - 07/24 23:59, 2019 (GMT + 8). Evaluation: 07/25 - 07/30 23:59, 2019 (GMT + 8). Announcement: 7/31 12:00 (GMT + 8). Available on the official Facebook fan page, official Twitter page, and the official forum.


`Popularity Prizes:
The evaluation committee will be formed by official project members. The entries will be evaluated based on their contents, views, and audience-interactions.
1st Place: 1 S Costume Unlock Card + 10,000 Echoes
2nd Place: 1 S Costume Unlock Card + 8,000 Echoes
3rd Place: 1 S Costume Unlock Card + 5,000 Echoes
`Participation Reward:
Reward: 150 Fragments+150 Clues. Claimable for any entry reaching 300 views.

Additional Info
`Within 10 working days after the winners have been announced, the winners will be contacted by official personnel via in-game mails or YouTube comments to confirm the winners' personal information. If the winners do not complete the procedure within the given time frame, it would be deemed a forfeit. Virtual rewards will be sent through in-game mail within 10 working days after the personal information of the winners is confirmed.
`Video entries must not contain any commercial or marketing materials, pornographic or vulgar contents, exploitation of bugs or the use of cheating software, or any slandering of the game. Violators will be disqualified.
`By submitting a video, the creator surrenders all editing and re-distribution rights to the entries to official Identity V team. The original creator retains the right to be credited by name.
`Entries that have been submitted and awarded in other channels will not be accepted.

`The official Identity V team retains the right to the final interpretation of this event.

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