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[Notice] Identity V Patch Notes - Jun. 6th, 2019

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The Landlord
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Dear player:

Welcome to Identity V!

Identity V will undergo maintenance at 08:00 on June 6 (UTC+8) and will take approximately 180 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to servers. We ask for your understanding and patience during maintenance.

Maintenance content for this week:
- [Charity Event]: Identity V has cooperated with international charity organizations to launch charity activities for children and to raise funds from selling charity goods in the Shop:
General B Accessory - [Milk Carton] can only be purchased using Echoes.
Available Period: June 6 (UTC+8) (after maintenance) to June 26, 23:59:59 (Server Time)
Axe Boy A Costume - [Wail] (time to be confirmed)
All revenue from this event sales (excluding promotional expenses) will be donated to international charity organizations to support public welfare projects related to children's safety. Identity V will also update everyone on the raised funds and fund use later on.

- [Dragon Boat Festival Event]: It's time again for the Dragon Boat Festival. People are excited and the fragrance of rice dumplings is permeating the air. During the Dragon Boat Festival, completing quests will reward players with Fragments, Rice Dumpling Tokens and other rewards. Rice Dumpling Tokens can be exchanged for Dragon Boat Festival Event Graffiti, Dragon Boat Festival Event Portrait and other Event Rewards from the Event Store.
Event Period: June 6, 09:00:00 - June 9, 23:59:59 (Server Time)
- [Weekend Activity]: Enjoy your time during the weekend! Logging into the game during the weekend and completing Daily Quests will reward players with Fragments, Room Music Notes (used for upgrading Rooms) and other rewards.

- Survivor - Wildling is now available in Rank Matches;
- Seer no longer accumulates Rage while struggling and while the Owl is on its back blocking incoming damage;
- When multiple Seers are on the scene, Owl's protection duration will be reduced. The more Seers there are, the shorter the protection duration will be (reduced to as low as 5 seconds);
- Decreased time needed for Explorer to excavate Treasures;
- Remade the obstruction effect on incapacitated Characters, who will no longer obstruct other Characters from walking normally on the slide;
- Optimized charged attack's range of Wu Chang - White Guard;
- Extended the distance that Axe Boy could manipulate Resentful Souls;
- Soul Weaver's Thread will now last a maximum of 120 seconds;
- Decreased the time needed for Embalmer to Rebirth;
- Removed the decreased vaulting speed effect caused by Dancer's Dread skill;
- Enchantress' Guard effects will now take effect after a short delay;
- When the height difference between the Enchantress and the Hunter is too great, she will not be able to accumulate or use the Guard;
- Enchantress will not be able to accumulate Guard while struggling.
- Adjusted Solo Escape Defeat Protection points in Rank Match for Tier 1-3 Survivors.

Battle Point Adjustments:

Doctor Point Adjustments:
- Added Doctor's Bravery points from "Battlefield Medic". The condition for this bonus is: Healing self or teammates within a certain range from the Hunter will grant Doctor additional points;
- Added Doctor's Achievement points from "War Angel". The condition for this bonus is hidden and the way to achieve it is relatively difficult. We hope all Detectives will explore more of the game. Also, this bonus will not occur in Duo Hunters mode.

Thief Point Adjustments:
- Added Thief's Bravery points from "Adding Insult to Injury". The condition for this bonus is: Stunning the Hunter using the Flashlight after the Hunter has destroyed the Pallet will grant Thief additional points;
- Added Thief's Achievement points from "Bedazzled". The condition for this bonus is hidden and the way to achieve it is relatively difficult. We hope all Detectives will explore more of the game. Also, this bonus will not occur in Duo Hunters mode.

Cowboy Point Adjustments:
- Added Cowboy's Bravery points from "Fooling Around". The condition for this bonus is: When the Cowboy jumps over the Hunter while using his Lasso, the Cowboy will be granted additional points;
- Added Cowboy's Friendliness points from "Wandering All Over". The condition for this bonus is: When the Cowboy escapes from the Hunter with teammate on his back, the Cowboy will be granted additional points. The points are dependent on the time needed to escape from the Hunter;
- Added Cowboy's Achievement points from "Saving A Damsel in Distress". The condition for this bonus is hidden and the way to achieve it is relatively difficult. We hope all Detectives will explore more of the game. Also, this bonus will not occur in Duo Hunters mode.

Next batch of Character Point Adjustments are: Embalmer, Prospector, Enchantress, and Lucky Guy.

Improved Function:
- Two new options have been added to the system's settings: Hunter's Pet visibility to Survivors, and Hunter's Flying Pet height adjustments.
- Optimized the display information of Room Furniture. Players can now preview Furniture from the Shop's Room page;
- Room Image's owner name displayed by the Butler is now hidden in Super Rank Match;
- Optimized the effects of Rank Match Reward Mail Interface;
- Optimized the effects of Five-Player Rank Match Tier icons.
- Improved Wildling's External Trait name (Japanese)
- [Friend Recommendation]: [Search for Friend] has now been added with Recommendation Labels. Players can now find specific players by selecting a specific Label.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the issue where the Hunter was teleported to an incorrect location when using the Teleport skill;
- Fixed the issue where Gardener's Decoding speed had problems;
- Fixed the issue where Personal Profile sound effects would remain even after switching to the secondary menu;
- Fixed the issue where Enchantress' Skill progress bar would disappear under certain circumstances;
- Optimized the logic of flying to the basement when Geisha uses Dash Hit. In most cases, there will be no pull backs.
- Fixed the issue where Explorer's Treasure may be refreshed out of the Map in White Sand Street Asylum
- Fixed the issue of axis shifting while rotating Furniture locked onto walls in Room Lobby
- Fixed the issue where Photographer's Deduction Quest 10 was inaccurately described

- Fixed the issue where the number of battles spectated by self and others are not the same under some circumstances
- Fixed the Lawyer's abnormal map display issue that occurred in Duo Hunters mode on the Eversleeping Town map.
- Fixed an issue where the trolley on the Eversleeping Town map would be transported to abnormal locations after using the Photographer's skill.

Update Notice [June 13, 2019]
[Identity V] will be updated on June 13, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.
- [Limited Package]: Dancer - Valkyrie Package will be available in-store at 32% off after maintenance on June 13, 2019 (UTC+8) and includes Dancer's S Costume - Valkyrie and A Accessory - Gjallar. This Package can only be purchased using Echoes. Valkyrie Costume and Accessories will also be available in-store and can be purchased using Fragments or Echoes. If some items in the Package are already owned, the price of the Package will be reduced accordingly. The Package will be removed from the Store on June 26, 23:59:59 (Server Time).
- [Shop]: The COAII Champion Portrait is now available in-store for a limited time. Spending 100 Clues will allow players to purchase it. Available Period: June 13 (UTC+8) (after maintenance) to July 10, 23:59:59 (Server Time)

Thank you for supporting Identity V. We will continue to attach gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that maintenance may cause you!


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