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[Notice] Identity V Patch Notes - May. 23th, 2019

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The Landlord
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Dear player:

Welcome to Identity V!

Before release the notice, we would like to recommend you following the unofficial facebook home page established by our warm-hearted players:  Over 100 thousand of players are gathering together discussing and providing awesome videos, paintings and streams.

Here comes the notice:
Identity V will undergo maintenance at 08:00 on May 23 (UTC+8) and will take approximately 240 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to servers. We ask for your understanding and patience during maintenance.

Maintenance content for this week:
New Season:
- [New Season]: After this week's maintenance, Season 5 will end and Season 6 will officially begin. The Final Push event will also end at this time;
- [Season Essence]: Season 6 Essence 1 is now officially available this week. New Costume updates includes Wildling's S Costume - Great Hero, Photographer's A Costume - Apollo, and Explorer's A Costume - Icarus. Obtain S Costume - Great Hero to gain the all-new Survivor, Wildling for free. This Character cannot currently be used in Rank Matches;
- [Tier Inheritance]: In Season 6, Rank Match rankings will be carried over to the next season according to the player's tier in the previous season. Detailed Tier Inheritance rules can be found in Rank Match - Season Rules;
- [Tier Rewards]: In Season 6, players will be rewarded according to the highest tier they obtained during the previous season. Detailed Tier Reward rules can be found in Rank Match - Season Rewards;
- [Logic Path]: When Season 6 begins, Logic Path level will be reset to 0. Also, Logic Path rewards will be replaced by all-new S6 rewards with the highest reward being Gamekeeper's A Costume - Cerynitis' Bane. C and B Music Notes have been added to the Logic Path. At the same time, a small part of the Clue rewards on the grid are merged, and the overall Clue rewards remain unchanged;
- [Monthly Card]: Once the new Season begins, purchasing Monthly Card - [4-Sided Dice Enthusiast] will reward players with x3 additional time-limited [Emote - Rolls 4-Sided Dice] Trial Cards. Players who have purchased the Monthly Card and have remaining days will be compensated with x3 additional time-limited Trial Cards via email;
- [4-Sided Dice]: In Season 6, the maximum threshold of 4-Sided Dice will be 100. Players will not be able to retain any Dice that exceed this limit in Season 6, so please use them at your earliest convenience;
- [Logic Points]: In Season 6, Logic Points will be reset;
‘- [Deduction]: In Season 6, new deduction tasks are available for three characters, including Seer, Mad Eyes and Photographer. Complete the final deduction task to receive the Character's Deduction Reward - Worn Clothes;
- [EXP]: In Season 6, new EXP level rewards will be made available and the EXP level limit has been raised to 60;
- [Rank Treasure]: In Season 6, Rank Treasure's A Accessories will be expanded to 3. Completing three Rank Matches daily will reward players with Rank Treasure at 00:00 the following day. The rewards are S Accessory [Seer - Nirvana], A Accessory [Mercenary - Eagle Feather], [Mechanic - Resistance Meter] and [Explorer - Phase Shifter]. Rank Treasures will be rewarded according to player's highest ranking (Survivor or Hunter).
- [Memory Sphere]: In Season 5, Season Essence's A and B grade items will enter the new Memory Sphere with Season 5 Rank Treasure's S, A and B grade items. Treasures can be exchanged with Clues;
- [Shop - Accessories]: In Season 5, Rank Treasure's Wu Chang's S Accessory - Tide Bringer, Forward's A Accessory - Muleta and Lucky Guy's A Accessory - Clover Charm will be available in-store. These can be exchanged with Echoes or Fragments;
- Character Knowledge Inheritance: In Season 6, inheritance will be carried out according to the previous season's Character Knowledge Points.

New Character:
A New Survivor - Wildling (Murro) has joined the Manor. Obtain Season 6 Essence 1 S Costume - Great Hero to unlock this Character for free (this Character cannot be used in Rank Matches currently);
- [External Trait - Wildling Partner]: Growing up in the jungle, Murro met a loyal Partner. Murro can actively guide his Partner to switch interaction states.
1. Following State: Murro moves slower than other Survivors in this state. Murro can command his Partner to Howl, disrupting the Hunter's hearing, causing Tinnitus and Listen to lose effect temporarily for 10 seconds;
2. Riding State: While in this state, Murro's movement speed increases with Rage. However, he will not be able to Decode or rescue teammates.
Rage: When Rage is full, the Bump ability will be unlocked. Each time the Hunter is Bumped into an object, the skill's cooldown will be reset and a large amount of Rage will be regained. Confronting the Hunter will dramatically increase the Partner's Rage charging speed;
Relax: When Murro stops moving, his Partner will calm down, causing Rage to drop rapidly;
Fatigue: Murro's Partner will feel fatigue, and it can't be ridden for more than 90 seconds. If there are many Wildling Partners in a match, the Partner will feel fatigue faster;
- [External Trait - Nature Guardian]: Wildling Partner can block incoming damage for Murro in Riding State. When the partner runs out of HP, it will be wounded and escape temporarily. During the period, Murro will not be able to guide his partner. Hunters attacking the Wildling Partner will not trigger blade-wiping motion;
- [External Trait - Feral Instincts]: While riding, with the help of his Partner, Murro's terrain interaction speed is increased by 10%, and he is even able to cross low terrains, but there will be a cooldown of 3 seconds. His Partner will leave additional Footprints, causing Murro's Footprints to remain for an additional 2 seconds;
- [External Trait - All Thumbs]: Murro, who has lived in the wild for a long time, is terrible with Machines. Decoding speed is decreased by 40%.

- [Weekend Activity]: Enjoy your time during the weekend! Now logging into the game during the weekend and completing Daily Tasks will reward players with Fragments, Room Music Notes (used for upgrading Rooms) and other rewards.
- Abyss Returns event will come to an end at 8:00 (UTC+8) May 23, Abyss Treasure (Pirate) will be removed when event ends. After Abyss Returns Event will end Abyss Badge become invalid, Abyss Gold will no longer dropped when battle ends, also remaining Abyss Gold will no longer usable to redeem Abyss Treasure, please pay attention to the event time to prevent unnecessary losses.
Five-Player Rank Match is Now Available:
The Five-Player Rank Match is a new multiplayer mode based on a highly-competitive environment and gameplay, and it's only available during the weekends. Players are able to match with equal opponents in a team of five players, and each team member will select the battle faction in advance. Once the match starts, two matches will be played simultaneously according to the factions selected by both teams. Both matches will be using the same Map. Finally, the number of escaped Survivors from both matches will determine the result of the game. The Five-Player mode adopts a similar Ranking system to the original Rank Points system, but it also has an individual Ranking system.
- Participation Rules: Five-Player Rank Match mode will be available once the Plot progresses to a certain stage. It can only be participated in a team of five players, and a fairer and more precise system will be used for matching;
- Tier Rules: Rank Match has a unique Rank Points calculation. At the end of each match, Rank Points will be awarded based on match results and individual performance. Rank Points will be used for matchmaking;
- Match Rules: Once the match starts, two matches will be played simultaneously according to the factions selected by both teams. Both matches will be using the same Map. Finally, the number of escaped Survivors from both matches will determine the result of the game, and the team with the most escaped Survivors wins. The match will be considered a Draw if the number of escaped Survivors is the same;
- Super Rank Match: When there is a Tier V player in the team, the team will automatically enter Super Five-Player Rank Match;
- After completing three Rank Matches daily, Rank Treasures will be handed out according to players' Tier on the following day at 00:00;
- When a new season begins, players will gain rewards based on their highest Five-Player Rank Match Tier in the previous season;
- Five-Player Rank Match is only available on Saturday and Sunday at 14:00-18:00 and 21:00-23:00;(server time)

- Optimized Joseph's normal attack judgment and improved the hit range of his charged attack;
- Optimized Wu Chang - Black Guard's knife judgment and performance;
- In Duo Hunters mode, Hunter's Smoke Bottle and Black Mud damage has been adjusted to a single normal attack damage, and its price has been adjusted to 800.

Experience Optimization:
- Added [Character Display], [Collection Statistics], [Personal Label] and other functions in the Personal Information Interface. Collection Records can now be hidden through System Settings - Social - Hide Personal Collection Records, so that other players will not be able to view the relevant content;
- Added perfume shadow effect color selection for Perfumer's Accessory - Beneath the Rose. Effect colors can be selected from the Accessory Interface and will take effect in battles;
- Added a switch on the screen to enable/disable the snowball throwing action in the Settings Interface;
- [B Music Notes] can now be purchased in bulk from the Room Shop;
- Optimized Seer's Emote - Mourn, and added Owl's display.
- Added icons to Functional Furniture and Special Furniture in order that players can easily distinguish them from other furniture;
- Optimized the rotation position when placing Furniture;
- Costumes will not be able to turn during Display Interface's entrance action and while playing Special Emotes in order to prevent model overlapping;
- Slightly enlarged Wu Chang's model in the Costume Display Interface in order to show details;
- Adjusted the translation of White Striped Rug and Brown Striped Rug in order to match the Furniture's actual model.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the issue where Smiley Face's items would spawn in locked basements and get stuck in scene objects;
- Fixed the issue where Photographer could see the Explorer's shrinking effects in the Camera World;
- Fixed the issue where the Photographer would see color anomalies on Survivor's mirror images in the Camera World under some circumstances in the PC version;
- Fixed the issue where Character Knowledge Ranking could not be closed when a match is found when it's open while in Matching Room under some circumstances;

- Fixed the issue where the number of thread layers may have anomalies if Survivors step on the thread again in the moment of its disappearance;
- Fixed the issue where Room Picture could not be closed when a match is found while viewing other players' Room Picture;
- Fixed the issue where Survivors could no longer see Smiley Face's actions after players reconnect while Smiley Face's sawing is in process;
- Fixed the issue where handheld item's progress bar was abnormally displayed when spectating in OB;
- Fixed the issue that caused the Prospector to eject through a wall near the stairs in Leo's Memory map;
- Fixed the issue where pressing Esc would cause the PC version to get stuck when selecting in Rank Match.

Update Notice [May 30, 2019]
[Identity V] will be updated on May 30, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.
- [Character]: New Survivor - Wildling is now available in-store. It can be purchased using Clues or Echoes. This Character is currently unavailable in Rank Matches.
- [Costume]: Wildling's B Costume - Conqueror is now available in-store and can be purchased using Fragments or Echoes.
- [New Map]: Unbelievable and strange occurrences are happening. Trees with bright red knotted fruit grow alongside urban homes. Strange buildings appeared where the school once stood... Do these events have something to do with the strangers who recently visited the town? "Identity V & Junji Ito Horror Manga Collection" Crossover Map - Eversleeping Town is officially here! The new map is currently only available in the custom mode. (Some parts of the map are only available during the crossover event, after the event is over Eversleeping Town will return to its original state)

Thank you for supporting Identity V. We will continue to attach gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that maintenance may cause you!


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