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[Notice] Identity V Patch Notes - Mar. 14th, 2019

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The Landlord
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Dear player:

Welcome to Identity V!

Identity V will undergo maintenance at 08:00 on March 14 (UTC+8) and will take approximately 240 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to servers. We ask for your understanding and patience during maintenance.

Maintenance content for this week:

New Season:
- New Season: After this week's maintenance, Season 4 will end and Season 5 will officially begin. The Final Push event will also end at this time;
- Season Essence: This Season 5 Essence 1 is officially available this week. New Costume updates include Prospector's S Costume - Soul Catcher, Soul Weaver's A Costume - Light Guardian, and Magician's A Costume - White Beard. Obtain S Costume - Soul Catcher to get the all-new Survivor, Prospector for free. This Character cannot currently be used in Rank Matches;
- Tier Inheritance: In Season 5, Rank Match rankings will be carried over to the next season according to the player's tier in the previous season. Detailed Tier Inheritance rules can be found in Rank Match - Season Rules;
- Tier Rewards: In Season 5, players will be rewarded according to the highest tier they obtained during the previous season. Starting from this Season, Tier II and Tier III rewards will be increased to 400 and 600 Fragments respectively. Tier inheritance rules can be found in Rank Match - Season Rules;
- Logic Path: When Season 5 begins, Logic Path level will be reset to 0. Also, Logic Path rewards will be replaced by all-new S5 rewards with the highest reward being Explorer's A Costume - Inventor;
- 4 Sided-Dice: In Season 5, the maximum threshold of 4-Sided Dice will be 100. Players will not be able to retain any dice that exceeding this limit to Season 5, so please use them before they expire;
- Logic Points: When S5 begins, the limit for logic points will be reset;
- Deduction: Deduction tasks are available for three characters in Season 5, Wu Chang, The Feaster and Embalmer;
- EXP: In Season 5, new EXP-level rewards will be made available and the EXP level limit has been raised to 50;
- Rank Treasure: In Season 5, completing 3 Rank Matches daily will reward players with Rank Treasure Rewards at 00:00 the following day. The highest reward is Wu Chang's S Accessory - Tide Bringer, Forward's A Accessory - Muleta and Lucky Guy's A Accessory - Clover Charm. Rank Treasures will be rewarded according to player's highest Survivor or Hunter ranking (starting from Season 5, drawing the same Rank Treasure seven times in a row will grant players the corresponding Tier's Portrait Frame. If an A or S item is drawn for the seventh time, the Portrait Frame will be obtained next time, and so on);
- Memory Sphere: In Season 4, Season Essence's A and B grade items will enter the new Memory Sphere with Season 4 Rank Treasure's S, A and B grade items. Treasures can be exchanged with Clues;
- Shop - Costume: All new B Costumes are available in-store, including Perfumer - Pharmacist, The Mind's Eye - Sorcery Apprentice, and Smiley Face - Forbidden Area Guard. These can be exchanged with Echoes or Fragments;
- Shop - Accessories: In Season 4, Rank Treasure's S, A and B Accessories (such as Coordinator's S Accessory - Lightning Generator) will be available in-store. These can be exchanged with Echoes or Fragments;
- Character Knowledge Inheritance: In Season 5, inheritance will be carried out according to the previous season's Character Knowledge Points.

New Character:
A New Survivor - Prospector (Norton Campbell) has joined the Manor. Obtain Season 5 Essence 1 S Costume - Soul Catcher to unlock this Character for free (this Character cannot be used in Rank Matches or Duo Hunters mode currently);
- External Trait - Magnet: Carry a Magnet with you. Tap to throw it or charge to throw it to a specific location. The Magnet will attach itself to players nearby, causing positive/negative polarities that last for 20 seconds. A link will be triggered when players carrying a Magnet are close to each other; the link will be broken when players move away from each other. When the link reaches a certain range, it triggers a physical reaction which follows the principle of "Repulsion is triggered with the same polarity, and Attraction is triggered with opposite polarities". If a Hunter disconnects a polarity link, the polarity will lose its effect. The Prospector has permanent polarity and Magnets will not attach to him. The polarity of other players will disappear after 1 Repulsion or Attraction. The Prospector can switch the polarity of the Magnet and his own polarity at any time. The Magnet is the exclusive item for the Prospector and cannot be replaced;
- External Trait - Outdoor Skills: Exploration in the wilderness has made the Prospector physically strong. Healing and self-healing speed is increased by 20%;
- External Trait - Disruption: The Magnet's magnetic field affects the normal operation of Cipher Machines. The Prospector's chance of triggering a Calibration during Decoding is increased by 50%, and Calibration difficulty is increased by 30%. The strong magnetic force of the magnetic field will also cause polarized players to become stunned when they collide with objects. The further the distance of the Repulsion and Attraction before impact, the longer players will be stunned;
- External Trait - Attraction: The Prospector can use the Attraction between the Magnet and iron items to increase his Movement speed. Whenever Cipher Machines or Lockers are within a certain range, the Prospector's speed will be increased by 50% for 2 seconds, and can only be triggered once every 80 seconds.

- Leo's Memory map has been added to Rank Matches;
- Brightness on the Leo's Memory map has been suitably increased, and snowflake density reduced;
- The White Sand Street Asylum map has a new Monitoring function. When the Monitor is activated, Survivors will receive the location of the nearest Cipher Machine to them;
- Optimized The Ripper's normal attack controls. This makes normal attacks more accurate.

Rank Match Adjustments:
- Optimized Rank Matching by reducing differences in Tiers and tolerance in matches;
- Added a new result for when Survivors are defeated. The result for no escapes is still -8 points and is -6 points when there is one escape;
- Guaranteed points in Rank Matches when defeated are reduced. Guaranteed points for defeats after adjustment are as follows: Tier I = 8 points; Tier II = 5 points; and Tier III = 2 points.

Battle Point Adjustments:
- Points for Hunters discovering Survivors have been reduced to 90;
- Points for Hunters pursuing Survivors have been reduced to 12 points per second;
- Survivor's Decoding points have been increased. Decoding a Cipher Machine awards 1,000 points;
- Points for Survivor escaping has been reduced to 1,500;
- Points for Survivors hitting Hunters with pallets is increased to 600;
- The points system for Survivors rescuing teammates from the rocket chair has been adjusted. It is now divided into "Normal Rescue" and "Effective Rescue". "Normal Rescue" is adjusted to 200 points;
- Newly added Survivor's "Effective Rescue" points. "Effective Rescues" award 800 additional points and the criteria for this type of rescue is as follows: When a Survivor has Tide Turner; when a Survivor protects his teammates from being knocked down after rescue for a period of time; when a Survivor is knocked down but gets back up with Borrowed Time;
- Newly added Bravery points transfer mechanism. When Bravery points exceed the maximum limit, excess points will be transferred to other lower point categories. At the same time, this increases Bravery points such as Contain Hunter;
- Fear and Fearless points have been adjusted from Tranquility points to Persistence points, and points earned per second have been increased slightly;
- Skill points for some Survivors and Hunters have been balanced.
- Optimized Survivor Pursue points. Survivors will no longer gain Pursue points when they are tied to balloons;
- The calculation of 'Pursue' in-game has been adjusted to be the same as 'Contain Time' after the match has ended.

Deduction Quest Adjustments:
- The Mind's Eye: Stage 5 - Talent. Changed from "400%/400%/400% Decoding Progress" to "320%/320%/320% Decoding Progress";
‘- The Mind's Eye: Stage 10 - Honest Life. Changed from "Rescue 1/2/3 Teammate(s) from Rocket Chair" to "Rescue 1/1/1 Teammate from Rocket Chair";
- Hell Ember: Stage 10 - The Wanderer. Changed from "Drag Survivors out of A Locker 1/1/2 Time(s)" to "Puppets or Phantoms Hit Survivors 1/2/3 Time(s)";
- Smiley Face: Stage 3 - Her "Lover". Changed from "Repair 1/2/3 Rocket Chair(s)" to "Pick up 4/5/6 Parts";
- The Ripper: Stage 2 - Calm. Changed from "Repair 1/2/3 Cipher Machine(s)" to "Walk in the Fog Zone for 12/24/36 seconds";
- The Ripper: Stage 5 - Identity. Changed from "Repair 1/2/3 Rocket Chair(s)" to "Hit Survivors With a Charged Attack 1/2/2 time(s)";
- Gamekeeper: Stage 9 - Repair. Changed from "Repair 1/2/3 Rocket Chair(s)" to "Survivors Are Hooked By The Chain Hook and Hit 1/2/3 Time(s)".

Improved Performance:
- To reduce FPS drop issues, all low-grade textures for S and A costume are set as default in "Performance" mode;
- To reduce FPS drop issues, performance settings will be set in the Matching Lobby. In "Low" mode, some special effects and patches will be removed. In "Performance" mode, Characters' Costumes are also replaced with low-grade textures (in "Performance" mode, graphics of Characters in the Matching Lobby will be reduced to a certain extent);
- To reduce FPS drop issues, the grass models on the Lakeside Village map has been adjusted to the minimum size;
- To reduce FPS drop issues, the Photographer's weapon texture has been adjusted;
- Patch download speed has been increased and will only take effect after downloading this week's update patch.
- Reduced the frame of Dream Witch's default Costume and Costume - Incarnation, optimizing efficiency;
- Added action sound effects for some Hunters: Geisha, The Feaster, Hell Ember, Gamekeeper, Smiley Face, The Ripper, Soul Weaver, and Wu Chang.

Custom Room Optimization:
- Custom Room UI for non-hosts has been optimized. It displays mode selection (Normal or Duo Hunters mode);
- In-room players cannot be invited and will now display the message, "In game";
- If Custom mode is full, the option to add Bots will be hidden;
- If a team member has not activated Custom mode when teaming up, the team leader will be informed of the player's name;
- Shortened the intervals between button responses in-room;
- Removed the Share function on the Custom Room's result interface;
- Canceled the time limit for Surrender. Survivors only need to be in an incapacitated state to initiate Surrender, while Hunters can Surrender directly;
- Optimized the display of the message when the room's host removes a player from the room to make it clearer;
- Optimized the display of the message when a player leaves a team in the room to make it clearer;
- Optimized the displayed message that appears after pressing the ESC key in the PC Version to make it clearer.

Experience Optimization:
- Optimized record interface to display more key information including: map, decoding progress of Cipher Machines, time containing Hunters, etc.;
- Sound effects have been replaced and added to some of Cowboy's actions;
- Added sound effects to some Survivors' actions: Doctor, Gardener, Lawyer, Priestess, The Mind's Eye, Mercenary, Thief, and Forward;
- Replaced the in-battle appearance of tentacles during normal attacks for The Feaster's costumes, Poseidon and Poseidon's Crown.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where some of Gamekeeper's sound effects were missing;
- Fixed an issue where Hunters were pulled back to their original spot after teleportation;
- Fixed an issue where the Mercenary would get stuck when repulsed into objects while using Elbow Pads;
- Fixed an issue where the Embalmer would get stuck outside of the map;
- Fixed an issue where a Survivor was unable to move after getting knocked down immediately after self-healing with the Exit Path talent;
- Fixed an issue where Cowboy was unable to aim in Photographer's Camera World;
- Fixed an issue where the Flare Gun was obstructed by the Gate in Camera World and couldn't be used to hit the Hunter even with the Gate opened;
- Fixed an issue where the position of a Survivor tied to balloons after The Ripper's Fog Blade hits them while in a locker would be abnormal;
- Fixed an issue where the current Servitor wouldn't be able to attack after Dream Witch switched Servitors;
- Fixed an issue where Dream Witch would be teleported when tapping on the interaction button while switching Servitors;
- Fixed an issue where Survivors did not gain points when Dream Witch's Servitors were hit by the Flare Gun;
- Fixed an issue where the Hunter would also see the Surrender interface if the Hunter reconnected when the Survivors chose to Surrender;
- Fixed an issue in Custom Duo Hunters mode where Survivors were not able to see the crowbar at the telephone booth when there were less than 4 Survivors in the game;
- Fixed an issue in Custom mode where Players' Ready status was canceled when a player changed factions;
- Fixed an issue where Perfumer's Costume - Caged Butterfly's mouth showed abnormalities;
- Fixed an issue where Perfumer's Costume - Caged Butterfly's dress showed abnormalities;
- Fixed an issue where players would get stuck after exiting spectator's mode;
- Fixed an issue where Wu Chang would get stuck in mid-air when using the skill, Wavering Soul, on the second floor;
- Fixed an issue where the Hunter's Patroller could move outside of the designated area after the Gate is opened.
- Fixed an issue where a trigger error occurred when the Forward and Cowboy were equipped with the Great Power talent;
- Fixed an issue where Survivors disembarked from the roller coaster during cooldown when riding it in the PC cross-platform game version.

Update Notice [Mar. 21 2019]
[Identity V] will be updated on March 21, 2019 (UTC+8). The following content is for reference only, and the content of the actual maintenance notice shall prevail.
-  Prospector is now available in-store. It can be purchased using Clues or Echoes, but it cannot currently be used in Rank Matches;
- The Prospector's B costume, Inventory Keeper is now available in-store. It can be purchased using Fragments or Echoes.

Thank you for supporting Identity V. We will continue to attach gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that maintenance may cause you!


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