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[Notice] Identity V Patch Notes - Dec. 20th, 2018

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The Landlord
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Dear Detectives,
Welcome to Identity V!
Identity V will undergo maintenance at 08:00 on December 20 (UTC+8) and will take approximately 240 minutes to complete. It is estimated to take 4 hours. During this time, players will be unable to log in to servers. We ask for your understanding and patience during maintenance.

New Events:
— [Junji Ito Collection Crossover]: Stage1 of the [Identity V & Junji Ito Collection] Crossover event is now available! After the maintenance on December 20 (UTC+8) till 23:59 January 3 (server time), Lucky Guy and Wu Chang will put on their Souichi and The Intersection Bishounen costumes, and will bring terror to the manor. Share the Identity V & Junji Ito Collection Crossover Event during the event for 100 Inspirations. Players can claim once only;

— [New Map]: The brand-new snow-covered map, [Leo's Memory] is here! Visit Minerva Arms Factory before the tragedy took place! The new map is currently not available in Rank Matches, but players can try it out in Quick Matches and Custom Mode. During Xmas, this new map will be decorated with Xmas decorations;

— [Christmas & New Year's Day Event]: New visitors have come to keep us company during our first Christmas and New Year's at the manor during this snow-filled time. Participate in the Festive Imagination, Festive Tree and Festive Gifts events to obtain Christmas-themed Portrait Frames, New Year's-themed Graffiti, Smiley Face's exclusive Christmas costume, Seer's exclusive New Year's costume and more between Dec. 20 (after maintenance - UTC +8) and 23:59:59 Jan. 3 (server time)!;

— [Christmas - Festive Tree]: Play matches and collect festive decorations! Apart from decorating the Christmas tree in the Hall, you can also win various amazing rewards, which includes the exclusive Smiley Face costume—Dark Xmas. Dates Festive Decorations are available: 8:00 Dec. 20 - Dec. 27(server time) Exchange time: 8:00 Dec. 20 - Jan. 3(server time);

[Christmas - Festive Imagination]: Illustrate mysterious scribbles jotted down by the detective. The Detective will reward all who help him, and if you work hard enough you might even get an exclusive Christmas Portrait Frame and exquisite Portraits. Event time: 8:00 Dec. 20 - Jan. 3(server time);

— [Christmas - Festive Gifts]: Play matches to acquire Festive Gift Boxes which you can send when visiting other players' halls. You can also receive Thank You Cards in return, which can be exchanged for various items in the Event Store, including the exclusive Seer costume - Future Sight. Event time: Dec. 31 - Jan. 3(server time) Exchange time: Dec. 31 to Jan. 5(server time);

New Content:
— [Best of 2018 Thank You Gifts]: Identity V won awards in the [Google Play Best of 2018] — User's Choice Game (Japan & Taiwan), Most Innovative (Japan, Taiwan & Hong Kong) and Most Competitive (Thailand). These awards represent the acknowledgment and love from our detectives. This is why we created an exclusive Best of 2018 Portrait Frame to express the Identity V development team's heartfelt gratitude to all of you detectives. You have been an amazing group of fans in 2018 and We hope that all of you will continue to show your support for Identity V in the coming year. We will continue working tirelessly to release new content for you to enjoy. Thank you!

"— Regarding the changing of seasons: The current season will end Jan. 3. Due to the shortness of this season, this season's Final Push event has started early. Also, the time slots for Rank Matches on Saturday and Sunday before Jan. 3 has been changed to 04:00-06:00, 11:00-14:00 and 18:00-21:00 (according to server times). Final Push: During the event, Dec. 20 (after maintenance) - Jan. 3 (before maintenance), the amount of Logic Points earned are substantially increased. The details of the event are as follows:
1. Logic Points earned from the first three victories of the day are increased to 1200;
2. 20-sided dice will roll no lower than 15;
3. Logic Points in Quick, Rank and Duo Hunter match modes are increased by 20%;
4. The weekly Logic Point limit has been increased 20% (42000 to 50400)."

— [Pet Interface]: The [Pet] entrance will be moved from [Self Examination] portal located in the Hall's mirror to the [Display Interface] - [Pet] tab. It will now be possible to set a designated pet for every survivor. Pets can also be switched in the matching room.

— Treasure: The Season 3 Essence 3 is available. All-new costumes, accessories and emotes have been updated. When you receive the Exorcist costume (S) from the Season 3 Essence 3 sphere you will also receive the new Survivor, Embalmer. This character cannot be used in Ranked Matches or Duo Hunters before maintenance on Dec. 27 (UTC+8);

— [Shop]: New B costumes are available in-store, including Coordinator - Sabbath Angel, Geisha - Wintersweet, Seer - Shepherd, Mechanic - Bounty Hunter and Lawyer - Gnome.

New Character:
A new survivor, Embalmer (Aesop Carl) has joined the manor. When you receive the Exorcist costume (S) from the Season 3 Essence 3 sphere you also unlock this character for free. (This character cannot be used in Rank Matches before maintenance on Dec. 27 - UTC+8);

— [External Traits - Embalm]: The Embalmer carries his makeup box everywhere. Opening it will summon a coffin with a surrogate in it and immediately provide the Rebirth ability. When placed on the Rocket Chair, the player can be resurrected in that coffin using a surrogate and also receive the Tide Turner effect for 15 seconds. Every time a teammate rescues the player from a Rocket Chair, the number of coffin summons for the Embalmer will increase, but an Embalmer can only summon and use one coffin at a time;

— [External Trait - Artist]: The Embalmer can record and copy the appearance of other Survivors on to surrogates. The Survivor whose appearance was copied will receive the Rebirth ability. Once the Embalmer finishes copying their appearance, he will lose his own Rebirth;

— [External Trait - Unconcerned]: The time that the Embalmer can last for when wrapped up in a cocoon or placed on a Rocket Chair is increased by 10%. The Embalmer cannot embalm survivors who have lost mobility, who have been placed on a Rocket Chair several times or who have been placed on a Rocket Chair for a long time;

— [External Trait - Anxious]: Extremely sensitive to the presence of others. He is able to detect the presence of all survivors at the beginning of the game for 15 seconds. While deciphering with other survivors, his own deciphering speed is decreased by 15%.

Gameplay Adjustments:
— Adjusted the action when a calibration fails. Slightly reduced the time required to perform the action that follows a failed calibration;
— An obvious hint is given when the progress bar for when a Survivor is tied to a Rocket Chair passes the middle;
— Adjusted Survivor rank points. Increased the amount of contribution rank points gained by Survivors. Removed points from escapes for victories and draws. Added points for escaping via the dungeon;
— Increased points gained for Survivors hampering a Hunter. Reduced points gained when the Forward charges and runs into the Hunter;
— Calibration won't be triggered for a cipher machine when the Hunter is teleporting.

Improved Experience:
— Adjusted the appearance of the Doctor costume Yesterday. Improved its complexion and resolved an issue where the headwear and flower would stick together;
— Players will now receive a confirmation mail after a successful recharge, notifying the player of how many Echoes they gained;
— Improved some of the Gardener's breathing and struggling sounds;
— Improved the sound of the Doctor, Coordinator, The Mind's Eye and Priestess when they struggle on a Rocket Chair;
— Improved the face of the Thief's Scarecrow costume;
— When spectating Custom Mode games, progress bars will now be visible for decoding, opening the exit gate, and when someone is being rescued from a Rocket Chair;
— Adjusted the special effect for the Doctor's Oath accessory;
— Adjusted the swaying motion of costumes for some female survivors;

Bug Fixes:
— Resolved an issue where Survivors could use items while stunned;
— Resolved an issue where the Talent, Prisoner's Dilemma had no effect while a survivor was struggling;
— Resolved an issue where the Mad Eyes' skill wouldn't grant points in Duo Hunters;
— Resolved an issue where the cane would not appear as intended on The Mind's Eye's display interface;
— Resolved an issue where Wu Chang could use Soul Siphon in mid-air;
— Resolved an issue where Survivors would directly vault over a Mad Eyes' mechanized wall when placed in front of a window;
— Resolved an issue when Survivors couldn't vault over a mechanized wall while Mad Eyes was standing in front of it;
— Resolved an issue where survivors could hear Mad Eyes' voice when Mad Eyes was one of the hunters in Duo Hunters;
— Resolved an issue where some Pet sounds could still be heard with the sound turned off;
— Resolved a model clash that occurred when the Gamekeeper carried the Golden Horn while wearing the Forest Hunter costume;
— Resolved an issue where the outline of the Mercenary's Eagle's Dance costume wasn't displayed properly;
— Resolved an issue where The Ripper's Fog Blade could hit a Survivor through a cipher machine;
— Resolved an issue where a character would be unable to move due to a calibration that appeared at the same time as a decoding or healing action was completed;
— Resolved an issue where the Photographer striking with his blade while holding balloons just as the Camera World merged would result in the abnormal status of the Survivor;
— Resolved an issue where The Mind's Eye's Mongol costume would clash when performing the display emote;
— Resolved an issue where the halo would disappear from the Priestess costume Golden Future on the display interface;
— Repaired an issue with the display of the notebook's notification badge;

Thank you for supporting Identity V. We will continue to attach gifts to in-game mail as compensation for any inconvenience that maintenance

--Identity V Community Team


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