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[Notice] Identity V Patch Notes - Nov. 29th, 2018

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The Landlord

Dear Detectives,
Identity V game servers will go offline at 08:00 (UTC+8) Nov. 29th, which will take approximately 180 mins to complete. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

New Character:
A new hunter, Mad Eyes (Burke) has joined the manor. Claim the Squality costume, Enraged to unlock this character for free;
- External Trait - Console: Burke has full authority over consoles. Hecan use consoles on the map to operate any control monitor. Survivors candecode consoles and gain limited access to them when decoded. They can expendan increased amount of energy to use the control monitor in the console's areaof influence. When a survivor is logged into a console, Burke is unable toaccess that console's control monitor and the console is unable to restoreenergy;
- External Trait - Control Monitor: There is a control monitor in eachconsole's area of influence. Drag the thumbstick to move across the monitor'sfield of vision and press the screen to raise a fence in that location. Theamount of energy expended each time this action is performed increases withevery fence raised;
- External Trait - Fence: Raising fences inflicts half the damage of anormal attack upon survivors in the area. Survivors can vault fences using theaction button, which will also cause fences to be lowered. Vaulting fences willinflict the same amount of damage as a normal attack. Survivors can also chooseto wait for the fence to become disabled. Nearby fences are disabled ahead oftime if the exit gate has been activated, there are undecoded cipher machines,active rocket chairs, consoles or basements in the area;
- Shapeshift - Portable Console: Tier 1 ability. Burke can use theportable console to patch into a monitor directly, but using the portableconsole consumes more energy;
- Shapeshift - Overclock: Tier 2 ability. Can be used on the controlmonitor interface after this ability has been unlocked. The cooldown time andamount of energy consumed will be greatly decreased. This control monitor willbe unable to restore energy for a period of time after Overclock has been used.

Shop & Treasure
- Treasure: The Season 3 Essence 2 is available. All-new costumes,accessories and emotes have been updated. When you receive the Enraged costume(S) from the Season 3 Essence 2 sphere you will also receive the new hunter,Mad Eyes. This character cannot be used in ranked matches before maintenance onDec. 6 (UTC+8);
- Shop: All-new pet available in-store, Shiba Inu. Purchase usingfragments or echoes;
- Shop: All new B costumes available in-store, including, Wu Chang -Incomplete, Cowboy - Bodiless Soul, Magician - Joyless Dance, Thief - ColorlessTattoo and Doctor - Somber Morning;

Battle Mechanism:
- Battle: Optimized the gamerexperience and landing logic for the Geisha's Dash Hit, reducing theprobability of pulling back;
- Battle: Optimized the processing logic of Smiley Face colliding withpallets when using Rocket Dash. Also, rules for Smiley Face's rocketmodifications have been changed. Fixed refresh points have been added to eachmap for Propeller parts; the quantity of parts remains unchanged;
- Battle: Adjusted the presentation of the screen when playing with theMind's Eye, which now clearly displays Mad Eyes' fences and the Feaster'stentacles;
- Map: Adjusted the position of rocket chairs next to the red carpet onthe Red Church map to avoid the surplus or scarcity of rocket chairs in thearea. The gameplay with dilapidated walls has also been adjusted. Now, theprogress bar for pushing over walls is shared by the same section of the wall;
- Map: Reduced the volume and range of the music for the merry-go-roundon the Moon River Park map to a respectable level;
Lakeside Village- Map: Optimized the refresh rules for boxes next tolake on the Lakeside Village map. Boxes will no longer be refreshed in RankMatches;
- Trait: Corrected the description for the Hunter's Peeper trait;

Graphics optimization:
- Graphics: Added a swaying effect to the dresses belonging to somefemale survivors;
- Graphics: A new display emote has been added to Smiley Face'sScarecrow costume;
- Graphics: Flower graphics have been added to the Mind's Eye's GoldenCake and Dark Cake costumes.

Bugs fixed:
- Repaired an issue where the status of survivors in Camera Worldcannot be followed in spectate mode.
- Repaired an issue where female survivors don't move when they areknocked down with a charged attack;
- Repaired an issue where the Cowboy becomes invincible when he hitsthe Hunter using a special ability;
- Repaired an issue where characters change into their original costumewhen the item they are carrying is changed;
- Repaired an issue where the portraits shown during game settlementare the players' portraits and not the characters';
- Repaired an issue where the Awaken button appears when spectatinghunters;
- Repaired an issue where the Photographer sometimes cannot attacksurvivors close to the exit gate when it is opened;
- Repaired an issue where the beach doesn't decrease movement speed onthe Lakeside Village map in Duo Hunters mode;
- Repaired an issue where free-to-use characters occasionally cannot beused in Custom mode;
- Repaired an issue where the Mechanic's doll will occasionally freezewhen attacked using the Geisha's Dash Hit;
- Repaired an issue concerning the abnormal display of the Geisha'sVisit standby motion;
- Repaired an issue concerning the abnormal facial expression of Dancerwhen equipped with the Animal Tamer costume.

Thank you for supporting Identity V. We will continue to attach gifts to in-game mails as compensation for any inconvenience that maintenance may cause you.

--Identity V Community Team


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