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Dance To The Rhythm! : Dancers guide to perfection

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The Landlord
Post time 2018-10-27 02:33:28 From the mobile phone | Show the author posts only |View large image Reply Awards |Descending |Read mode
Detective Diaries
In-Game Name: @ItsKimmy
Digital ID: 1513166
First of all, you must understand her skills.

Music Box : The dancer carries a music box that effects the speed and time taken to do actions ( Decoding , Vaulting , Rocketchair)
When the music box plays Red , All actions are increased by 30% and vaulting speed is increased by 8% . Vise versa if the music box is Blue . ( Can stack with other music boxes )

- The Dancer is not effected by the slowing effect of music boxs.
- The dancer get an short boost of movement speed by 30% when falling from a height.
- The dancer decoding Speed is decreased by 10% , Her vaulting speed is decreased by 15% every time a player is eliminated .
- Long pressing the music box will increase the range of it.

Normal decoding speed ( Perfect Calibration ) 1:07 - All survivors with no Boost or debuff  in decoding
Dancer decoding speed ( Perfect Calibrationi) 1:14
Dancer decoding speed ( Fast Music ) ( Perfect Calibration)) 1.06

Means she is one second faster than normal survivors when using music box and also taking away her 10% Debuff

Although , because her range of box is bigger , the decoding speed of allies on the machines 1.14-1.06 = 0.08 faster with music box . All other survivors decoding next to her will get an 0.08 faster decoding when with music box  (0.59 decoding for Normal decoders)

Dancer is a support character (Boost others stats) Eg, Priestess, Gardener, Lawyer , Lucky guy , Postman , Doctor

kiter character ( advantage when kiting)  . Eg, Forward, Mercenary, Coordinator , Thief , Magician .

Rescue character ( Advantage when rescue): Priestess , Coordinator , Perfumer , Forward , Mercenary, lucky guy, Magician , Cowboy , Embalmer , Prophet , Doctor )

Decoder character (Advantage on machine) : Minds eye , Mechanic .

Survival characters ( Useless to team , self help ) : Explorer , Artist

Because the Dancer is a support character , Get the bottom tree and left tree persona . The bottom tree persona boost teammates’s decoding speed. Making her one of the best supports . The Left tree persona gives her more mobility.

Start of game: It all depends on the situation . If you are not sure where the hunter is , Use the slowing music box (Blue) to have a better chance of surviving if the hunter is near you. If you are certain the hunter is chasing someone else, Pick the Red music box and decode right away.

Mid game: By this time almost 2 of your music boxes should have been used- whether it was to kite the hunter/Save a teammate  or Decode faster

Saving : Use The blue box, It will benefit the survivors . Even if the survivor on the chair gets slowed . You can body block and run off.

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The Sofa
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what i have found playing with the dancer is what you want to do is take her to a normal good kiting spot like you would with anyone else and put down a blue music box in the middle of the area. The decrease in hunter movement and attack speed should essentially make any decent kiting area an infinite loop until he destroys the box.

while he finally does destroy the box you can go to a different loop area and set up another box, or just set up a new one on  the other side of the wall or something. the slowing speed seems to be alot more helpful than the red boxes. the only thing i would change about her is trading her balanced landing perk for an increased vaulting speed. the balanced landing isn't even useable on some maps, and is only even useable at specific points in others.
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