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Buttoned Eyes.

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The Landlord
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Bonfire Tales!
In-Game Name: GooglyBanana
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It was a dark day, Joe Butler was in the woods when his car broke down, he called for help on his telephone but, the cellular lines did not pick up from inside the woods. desperately he hit the car hoping something good would happen, but nothing did. Without any hope on fixing the car, he walked around the woods, it was dark and he had no light, but, in the distant he could see a small shed, he hurried to the shed and yelled for help. When he arrived he knocked on the heavy metal door, the door creaked open showing a elderly man sitting in the corner of the room, the small room was stained in red and had this gut wrenching smell. Joe went over and tapped the elderly mans shoulder.

"Hello?" Joe asked, the elderly man then turned around, Joe was shocked, the elderly man had buttons for eyes. Joe slowly walked back scared, the elderly man then said,

"Oh my, what beautiful eyes you have." Joe did not know how to reply and just said thanks, the elderly man then stood up and dashed towards Joe, by then Joe cracked and knew something was wrong, he ran away and yelped for help, but no one besides the elderly man was there. When Joe finally thought he lost the elderly man, something trickled down his leg, he looked down, and saw that, his leg was caught in a bear trap. He was too busy running away he did not even notice the pain. After a while, he shrieked in pain. Then saw a figure walk towards him.

"I want your eyes." said the figure, next thing Joe knew was, he woke up in the shed, blood stains all over him, he could not see as well as before, and the elderly man was no where to be seen. Joe then heard a knock on the door, he walked over and opened it, seeing a young female police officer, the police officer asked,

"Do you know anyone named Joe Butler? He was lost in these woods 12 years ago." Joe then replied with,

"Oh my, what beautiful eyes you have."

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The Sofa
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And the cycle goes on and on it seems. Good story!
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