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The Landlord
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Bonfire Tales!
In-Game Name: VainAether
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"Folks say there's a GOD residing deep within these mountains. Some say HE grants an everlasting life if you follow his path and devoutly pray for HIM every day and night. Prayers and offering for HIM shall bless you."

"Is it true, maybe we should all pray for this GOD of yours. Cleanse us from the sins of the earth." A new recruit said.

"YES. I can take you all to the sanctuary so we can cleanse your sins and be born anew." The leader said.

The new followers joined the mysterious cult leader and lead them deep in the woods. There, the leader showed them a hidden passage in the mountains. And there they all gasped. They saw a magnificent sanctuary. It was vast and spaceous with an altar in the middle.

Once they all got inside, the cult leader spoke of something gibberish.

"But there's a lone man once say, HE's a DEMON."

The once was peaceful sanctuary became cold, quiet, and eerie.

"That those who see HIM will feel the coldness of death in HIS presence."

The followers felt the tension rising. The coldness started to pierce her bones, her very being. Cold sweats. Trembling in fear.

"He lives by eating the flesh of man and drink on their fresh blood..... ."

The cult leader suddenly vanished. The followers can hear their heartbeat grow louder and louder.

"..... And. "

Then a pair of eyes that glowed in crimson red appeared in the vast darkness across the sanctuary. A silhouette of a man.
No. A big man covered in sinister aura can be seen.

"And this same man also said that....."

The followers stood in silence, petrified.

"..... The last thing they'll ever know is....."

They tried to move but their legs felt like it got stucked on the floor.

"....... that GOD is not on their side."

And suddenly a flock of ravens flew across the sanctuary seeing all the carnage and carcasses scattered around.

"And that was the story told by the non-believers. The SINNERS. Those who speak ill of our one and only God. We should not fall for that BLASPHEMY." The leader said with might.

The group of new followers cheered and prayed for the GOD devoutly.

"In the name of GOD." They cheered.

"Yes. Yes in the name of GOD. OUR SAVIOR....."

At a distance, a raven appeared. The leader then smirked in delight and satisfaction. And uttered silently.


As he leads them all to the path of Salvation or should I say path of DAMNATION.

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The Sofa
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See this is the problem with cults, they're all crazy! Thank you for sharing this story.
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