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Me and Teddy

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The Landlord
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Bonfire Tales!
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Elise was a young daughter of a rich family.When you are 8 years old,you probably think that her being rich made her spoilt but she wasn't.She loves her parents and is obedient but she loves nothing more than her little brown stuff teddy bear.It was with her since she was born and loves it a lot.And It loves her.

One night,Elise as she passed her time by colouring her drawings she drew for her parents in her room upstairs.

'Look Teddy!'She said to her stuff bear.'Mommy and Daddy and going to love this!'

It showed both her parents next to her,standing upright,with her in the middle hugging the stuffed animal.

Suddenly,she heard and loud noise from downstairs and curious little Elise went to check it with her teddy.She was very happy on her way down,even singing a little hum as she went down.

She went downstairs to inspect and saw something that confused her.Her mother was on the floor with some red coloured liquid on her body everywhere.Elise didn't know why her mother was sleeping on the ground and not in bed so she approched her to 'wake' her up.she placed her teddy next to the mother and spoke.

'Mommy,mommy wake up!'She said the mother.'I want to show you something.'

While she was talking to her,a familiar voice was heard from behind her.

'Don't worry Elise,'The voice spoke to her.'Mommy is just taking a small nap.'

She turned and saw her father with the same red liquid on him.She didn't know why he had the red liquid on him as well but she didn't care.

'Daddy!'She said running to hug him.'Why is mommy sleeping on the floor?'

'Mommy is very tired sweety,Go clean up and we will bring her upstairs together.'As he said that,he hid something behind him but Elise couldn't see it.

Elise went to the bathroom and got ready to go to bed.The father went up to the body and took out the object he hidden.It was a knife imbued in liquid.

'Why not you see your child for the final time.'He said stroking the bodies hair.He saw a glimpse of the teddy bear next to body.He then picked the plushie.'She won't be needing this anymore.'

He grabbed the knife and plunged it into the animal.The stuffed animal had rips and cuts and torn limbs off.The father threw the animal on the body and stood their.

Suddenly,the father was pierced in the chest by sharp claws.He's body was teared to pieces as it fell to the floor.Elise entered the floor and she saw her lovable bear tearing his body apart.

'Teddy!'She walked to it.'Your alive again.'She gave the bear a great hug and it hugged her back.'Let's bring mommy and daddy to bed.'

The bear carried the bodies upstairs to their room and tugged them in.She snuggled in between them and the teddy bear,which was now back to normal,was in between her arms.

'Let's have fun together again,Teddy.'Elise said to her.'We are going to play with mommy and daddy tomorrow.'

They were going to play with them and it will be a playtime that will last forever.

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The Sofa
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I called it! Somehow I knew the moment we met that bear that I didn't trust it! Haha, good story though.
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