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Mechanic's Guide [Decoding, Persona web]

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The Landlord
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Detective Diaries
In-Game Name: Dr.Slime
Digital ID: 383491
Edited by DrSlime at 2018-11-5 10:51

Hello, Detectives! In this guide I will share my experience with Tracy Reznik, aka Mechanic.

Mechanic is Support-Decoding character and is avarage in difficulty of playing, due to the risk of being found in the beginning of the game. However, she can be decisive in many situations. I've been playing her since the beginning and she is indeed variable character. Here, I'm going to share my experience with new survivors.
Who should buy Mechanic?

If you are used to distracting the hunter for more than 1 minute, you should help your team with faster character, Coordinator for instance. You don't want to mess with the hunter for too long, cos she has debuff Trait Fragile, that decreases her vaulting speed by 30%. She has a great chance of getting Terror Shoked.

You should know the location of every Cipher Machine on the map, to change your position in case of emergency. The primary goal of Mechanic is to get to the nearest and safest Cipher Machine ASAP and start decoding, as she has a great boost to decoding when no one is hurt.

However, don't risk and decode Machines that are placed on the open area. You must be able to predict at which Machine the hunter will go. In this case Mind's Eye should be helpful teammate. If someone picked Mind's Eye, feel free to pick Mechanic. The 8% decoding boost will make Mind's Eye decode at additional 8% and this helps a lot.
Remember: In order to win high-tier hunter, or camping hunter, you must focus on decoding. The first 2 minutes of the game are crucial, and you don't want to help anyone who's been incapacitated.

In regards of my experience, I've got high ping issues (hope devs are working on it) and decoding characters are good choice for me.

Which Cipher Machines to decode?

Hunters are usually start the game patrolling barns in Sacred Heart Hospital and Arms Factory, the tomb in Red Church and the seashore cipher in Lakeside Village. So, starting with these machines is quite risky.
Try starting your early game decoding Machines that are hard to approach, like inside of the hospital or factory, the hut and the ship deck in the Lakeside village. You can also get the Machine that is placed far away from the center of the map, like near-gate Machines, the cemetery of Red Church, the near-barn ruins of Sacred Heart Hospital, ruins near southern Gate in Arms Factory.
But keep in mind: if there is Mind's Eye decoding one of secure Machines, you should change to another one. Don't bother Mind's Eye, she can handle it alone. Start decoding another Cipher Machine. You must scatter to several machines, so each teammate decodes 1 Cipher Machine at a time.

Persona Web

The power of Mechanic is in her ability to be in 2 places on the same time. Thus, in order to know which place to be at, she should know the positioning of other suvivors and the hunter. My favorite build for Mechanic is the following:

I call it Operator.

First, you have Broken Windows and Knee Jerk Reflex that will really help you in case of emergency. You must be able to survive and distract the hunter,

as other teammates are decoding.

And another Persona branch, that is also important, has Spectator skill:

This must be the skill that will save you from undesirable encounter with the hunter, after the 1st 2 minutes of the game. Not only that, you must be able to locate the injured suvivor and quicky heal them by yourself or by using your doll. However, I do not recommend you doing it if there is only one suvivor injured. You better focus on decoding when possible.

Remember: your decoding speed will decrease by 45% for every teammate injured by the hunter.

So, it's up to you to decide if you are going to heal the teammate, or focus on decoding.
To help you estimate the time, here is the data of time you will need to fully decode one Cipher Machine:

No wounded teammates: 48 sec

1 wounded teammate: 70 sec

2 wounded teammates: 126 sec

3 or more - use your Doll for decoding

Note: When you are wounded, the decoding speed is not decreased

The second Persona Web includes Borrowed Time, and is similar to Mind's Eye Percona Web, which was greatly described in Perswayable Mind's Eye guide.

if Mind's Eye has to rush to the nearest gate after all the Ciphers are decoded, Mechanics usually use their dolls to decode. There are usually 1 or 2 suvivors wounded, and Mechanic can't open the gate by herself.

Recommended to team players who can share the position of the hunter via voice channel.

Other Persona Web skills

Hawthorn Effect:

Must be taken as a stepping skill to get Spectator. At midgame this skill might be useful in decoding, giving you a little boost. However, you shouldn't rely on it in the beginning of the match.

Note: this skill will not activate if you are decoding with the Doll nearby.


Must-have for Mechanic. In case you are put on a chair, this skill will allow your teammates to react accordingly to the situation. You don't want 3 teammates to help you at once. They must decode, as someone rescuing you.

Distraction and Exit Path

Most of the time, you won't need Exit Path when if you are new to this game. However, you will definetely need it on higher ranks.
Your goal, as the decoder is to decode as much Cipher Machines as you can, and once you are done, you will probably need Distraction in order to decide which gate to open. I prefer Distraciton over Exit Path, but building character with Borrowed Time will get you both skills.

Important: Tide Turner skill will not activate if you rescue a teammate using the Doll. Mechanic shouldn't save teammates, so it's a waste of Persona points.

About the Doll

First, some basic information about the Doll:

Lifetime: 180 sec

Death penalty: 72 sec

Decoding time: 55 sec

Healing teammate: 15 sec

Opening Gate: 20 sec

Note: The Doll has 25% faster decoding speed, which is 15 sec faster than of a normal decoding speed (~70 sec to ~55 sec).

When to use the Doll?

Is really a complicated question. You can hide the doll in the locker at the beginning of the game. This might be ever better if the locker is located near the Cipher Machine. However, I prefer doing it after I decode at least one Machine, or when I have no other choice but to decode with the Doll.

One thing for sure: you must summon the Doll before you are put on a chair.
In case the hunter found you and you cannot escape, summon the Doll right before the hunter. This will give you a chance to escape, if the hunter hits it, or decode when you are put on a chair.
Saving with the doll

Saving is not a Mechanic's job. However, you can try saving with the doll, but only when the hunter is keeping distance from the survivor on a chair. You can also make noices with the Doll to distract the hunter. However, most hunters will ignore it. So, focus on decoding.

Decoding with the Doll

In order to decode effectively, you should only use your Doll for decoding when there are 2 or more survivors wounded.

1. Double-decoding. Quite a gambling. Use only on your risk. When 2 or more suvivors are wounded, you might decode the same Cipher Machine, switching with your Doll to check the calibration. The good way of checking the calibration is switching every 2 sec. Or rely on your instinct.
Once the checking is failed, you may leave your Doll to decode and make the noice to distract the hunter. You remember that your Cipher Machines should be secure? This can win your teammates some time. At this time, you should search for another Cipher Machine or wounded survivors.

2. Chair-decoding. You've got captured? But you can decode! Find any Cipher Machine with your doll and decode/help decoding. Don't make noice, just decode.
You should know when the hunter is near you, even if you are put on a chair, by the noice effect on a doll icon.
But be careful: if someone tries to rescue you, you should be able to react quickly in order to not get caught again.

3. Mechanic's Ultimate skill: GATE OPENER! You know what to do. Just hide the doll so it won't be too easy to be found. Leaving the doll just in front of the gate might be risky.

Keep in mind: after you're done with the Cipher Machine, you have up to 80 sec to find another Cipher Machine, before crows appear. So, use the Doll with caution.
That's all about this guide. If you have any suggestions, write them below, I will check them. Thank you!

Special thanks:
My friend FaceLess (id206782) for helping with decoding time records.
YouTuber Perswayable for Persona Web guide.
Ver. 1.01
-Changed minor mistakes
-Added more safe Cipher Machines
-The Cipher on the shore of Lakeside village is now considered to be unsafe

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The Sofa
Post time 2018-8-30 10:40:02 From the mobile phone | Show the author posts only
Excellent work DrSlime! Very nice write up. Hopefully this will help out many future and even current Mechanics.
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The Bench
 Author| Post time 2018-9-2 12:48:39 | Show the author posts only
ZeleronX replied at 2018-8-30 10:40
Excellent work DrSlime! Very nice write up. Hopefully this will help out many future and even curren ...

Thank you!
I'll work on this as guide as I find something new.

Feel free to discuss and share your ideas! I want to find a perfect way to play Mechanic. I'll credit you in the guide.
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Post time 2019-10-8 16:10:26 | Show the author posts only
seems like a decent guide but i wouldnt misinform potential decoder players by telling them to heal or go top point, left point is also worse than right point, your job's to survive and decode, not to kite nor to heal
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