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Ranked Guide from a Exp Dead by Daylight Player [Survivor Guide NA/EU]

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Hi there, I've been playing Dead by Daylight since launch and have over 2.5k hours, Identity V works more or less the same as DBD in this regards hence the exp I have from Dead by Daylight can put to use on this game. So I decided to make a guide on this since there are still a lot of people not understanding game mechanics / how to rank up

First of all, when playing as a survivor on Ranked, you have to memorize all the ciphers spawn, they do not spawn randomly like in Dead by Daylight, instead they have fixed spawns, some of them will spawn randomly but most of them always spawn in the same place. It's also important to know what each character does
All Survivors Decode Timer
Coordinator (When 1 person is on the chair) 175 seconds
Mechanic (2 person already injured) 132.1 seconds
Forward 100 seconds
Mercenary 93.5 seconds
Priestess 82.3 seconds
Mechanic (1 person injured)  71.4 seconds
Normal survivor 70 seconds
Mind's Eyes 53.8 seconds
Mechanic 48.9 seconds

Survivor Tier List

S+ Coordinator, Thief , Mechanic
A Mind's Eye, Magician
B Priestess, Doctor, Forward
C  Explorer, Mercenary
D  Gardener, Lawyer, Lucky Guy

Who to pick
Before you picked a character you need to understand whether you can juke well, slow vault character are for advanced people who can juke well despite their slow vautl speed, people who can't juke well playing these character 8/10 will result in you getting terror-shock, and most likely giving a free win for the hunter, if you are in doubt always play characters with fast vault / normal vault speed. Playing those will massively reduce the chance of you getting terror-shock, it also all comes down to preference

2 Coordinators in any team are actually extremely strong, used very often by high ranked teams/ Chinese teams, provided the hunter did not have the Excitement trait, them using it is also good since they won't have teleport/blink which allows you to loop them. Giving you an extreme amount of time to decode and do ciphers

Thief is god-like against Geisha, perswayable made a guide on this so check it out, with almost no penalty and a fast vault of 15%, he's the best all-around survivor for many reasons

The magician is the best anti-clown character when a clown dashes all you have to do is to use your illusion and the rocket will not connect but hit the clone, only used by high exp players, or you will end up getting terror shock most of the time. His negative side is that saving him will take twice as long, meaning you won't really be able to fake save when trying to save this character, and most often if not trying to save a magician have some good chance you will not be leaving this alive or the magician

Priestess, her cooldown on the portal is actually very long, she can provide some insane juke spot and even save people on the basement, but her decode speed hurts her a lot on this as well as the slower vault, it's debatable, but she isn't using at high ranked on CN for many good reasons

Mercenary right now isn't really in a good spot, after the buffs the hunter will almost never want to chase you, but as of now his 50% healing speed reduction on healing him waste a lot of teammates' time and could in many situations leads to your death, his iron dash isn't so great when compared to Forward, this character is a selfish character that can't save people but himself, speed on decode hurts a lot

This character if used well will annoy any hunters even good ones, however, good hunters will just ignore you, meaning you will be wasting a lot of time doing nothing, you will need to be close with hunter at all time in order to save your teammates, he can provide a massive amount of time for teammates to decode while trying to save, but the hunter will usually just put the person on the ground and starts looking for you. Once you are injured most of the time you will end up on the floor with the chairperson as well, only for EXP players

Mechanic is really good only if you had a good coordinated team, her 8% decode speed buff applies to the whole party, and even if you are on the chair you can still save people. She also has a glitch right now which made her invincible  and the robot for a split second, forcing the hunter to hit the doll rather than you the person, any person who know how to juke well will end up being chased 80% of the time due to her decode speed, so she is very likely to be the first person that gets found

Mind's Eyes
Mind's eyes are only good if you are completely familiar with all the maps, all the infinite spots, pellets and such, once a hunter spotted you chances are they will tunnel you for the whole game, tunnel as in following you and never giving up. After you get caught there's a massive chance the hunter will be camping you to death. Only for very EXP players, also very relying on good teammates, not solo friendly. With her increased decode speed, it's very likely she will be one of the first to get found, also do not use your crane skill at start. Hunters can hear the direction where it came from and head to you immdiately

While her healing after taking a hit/ saving a teammate is good, hunters with persona Street Sweeper won't have trouble finding you after the initial hit, with her horrible slow vault it made her very easy to get terror shock, most of the time when they are saving a teammate they will only lead them to their death, unless they have tide turner

While his fewer seconds of footprints sound good in paper, good hunters won't have trouble finding you even if you use his skill to make himself smaller, note this is debatable, but having no vault buff and a much smaller calibration he's not newb friendly, and very rarely used by high ranked, since there are better characters

You do not want people working on 2 ciphers at the same time, any good hunters will know immdiately and you would only draw their attention, as a result wasting everyone's time, with slower vault and such even a Doctor would be better

Her destroying chairs sounds great, right? Actually no, since you won't give your teammates the chance to save someone off a chair, even if the hunter did not have Abynormal, they can still slug everyone and leaves them on the ground bleeding to death, your time working on chairs would mean 1-2 ciphers done. As a result, you are only prolonging the game which is good for the hunter, and each time you destroyed a chair you alert the hunter meaning he will be chasing you

Survivor Spawn Point
Spawn points are not random, they are always the same, hunters can use this as an advantage to know where survivors will spawn, as a survivor its important to know where you will spawn so you can roughtly know where other teammates are

Using in-game voice commands reveals your location to your teammates

Yes, using this feature will show your icon on the minimap letting your teammates know where you are or where they were, it's very crucial and important if someone is saying Hunter is near in that location, do not go there

there are only currently 4 possible maps, Arms Factory, Red Church, Sacred Heart Hospital and Lakeside Village

Meaning it won't take long before you memorize all infinite spots, ciphers and exit gates

Infinite the most important next is memorize all the infinite spots, where it's impossible for any hunters to catch you unless you made a mistake

What is Infinite? Infinite are places where you can loop the Hunter in a circle forever, meaning you can buy your team an infinite amount of time as long as the hunter is chasing you, as long as you don't make a mistake you will never get caught, especially with fast vault characters

Every map have at least 3-4 infinite spots, Arms factory is probably the worst map for hunters when it comes to Infinite

Note this only work if the Hunter does not have Blink nor they have Confined Space, even if they have blink they might mess up sometimes, meaning you can go back to the loop again should they miss their hit, or you can loop in that spot for 180 seconds if they don't have confined space, but you will be in injured state so don't panic!

Terror Shock
While you infinite/ vaulting, it's extremely important to tell when the red light is behind you so you do not get terror shock while vaulting, if you are playing slow vault characters like Doctor, do not vault when a red light is behind you, take a hit and then vault, 99% of Doctors on ranked always gets terror shock due to this cuz of her slow vault and mistakes. Always takes a hit if you are unsure, it's better to take a hit then be put on the chair immdiately, while also giving the hunter immediate access to power

Red Church Fences

These fences here allows you to go around nonstop indefinitely, note this only works on hunter without power, once hunters like Clown got his rocket dash this is no longer possible, and this does not work when the hunter has Confined Space. Only work on characters with fast vault as slow vault characters will get caught very quickly

Small Church

This small church right here again is an infinite, wth a slow vault character you can at max loop 2-3 times, characters with fast vault can loop on here indefinitely and the hunter will never catch you, what you want to do is jump over the window, wait outside but not too close, stay near where the entry and the window is and wait there, if the Hunter jump through the window you go in circle, then back into the building and then react depending on how the hunter acts

Big Church, 2 windows

Big Church 2 windows, these required Broken-window on activate to work, without them the Hunter will catch up to you in time. You just need to vault out, with your speed boost go around the church, enter it again and back at the same spot, if the hunter goes around it, you just walk back and jump back into the Church, it's that simple. Since there are 2 windows you can always go one after the other, even if the Hunter has confined space, you can go for the other one, by the time you come back the blocked window will become opened again

Fences near Graves

Fences near the graves, this is a very strong spot for any fast vault characters, slow vault characters can't loop here well and eventually, you will get caught, you can go around here in circle depending on how the hunter acts

Small Walls near Ciphers

Many low-rank players probably wouldn't know this, but this spot is very unsafe unless you break the walls and gives yourself some windows to juke. You can make up to 4 windows on this spot, not a true infinite but you can make it into semi-infinite, and loop the killer in a circle, while vaulting one window to the other, note slow vault characters can't do this and will get caught immediately/ terror shock

Sacred Heart Hospital

Wooden House

Wooden house, this window right here allows you to loop the hunter indefinitely unless he has confined space/ blink he will never catch you, notice this will only work with character with fast vault, characters like Doctor at max you can only do this 3-4 times before the hunter can catch up to you

Fences near Hospital

Wooden Fences, this spot might not seem like an infinite but it actually is, you can go around the loop indefinitely due to the table and the structure of it, you can loop a hunter indefinitely by going around in circle, again playing characters with fast vault is recommend, slow vault is possible but very risky

Triple windows near the house

This spot is extremely strong, doable even if you are a character with slow vault (Required exp players), you can loop a Hunter indefinitely in this spot, by going around in circle, jumping in, loop in a circle then jump back out


Yes many low rank did not know the hospital is infinite, well it is a semi-infinite, if done well you can buy your teammates a good amount of time. See the stairs? When a hunter is near you, you can run back to the hospital, go up to the stairs, then see the hole down there? Jump down, and then you can climb the stairs again, repeat, after doing 1-2 times the hunter will be right behind you, so you just drop a pellet and now you can loop for other 1-2 rounds, you can also choose to leave the hospital at any time in the bottom or when you are at the top by jumping out, massive mind game potential right here

Arms Factory

Factory with 3 windows, this spot is by far the best infinite spot, there is literally no way you can mess this up, there are 3 windows here, and a ton of pellets outside the map, meaning even if the Hunter has confined space, once all the windows inside are blocked, you can go outside with pellets to buy yourself some time, then come back here and loop again. Extremely powerful loop spot, even slow vault characters will work

A place with lots of windows, on the north west of the map

This place again is very strong, but required very exp players, there are a total of 4 windows+ on this spot, with a lot of pellets in between, meaning if the Hunter has confined space you can buy yourself a lot of time with pellets and going around in circle, it's also very easy for the hunter to lose track of you due to how many windows is there and the spot allows alot of movement and hiding

A place with lots of windows, south east of the map (opposite of where the factory is)

This place again is very strong, but required exp players, characters with slow vault it's still possible but very hard. There's a window on the left where you can loop indefinitely by jumping outside, circle it around and then back to it again


Yep the same house structure from Sacred Heart hospital, it works the same way and it's an infinite

Dealing with Camping
Believe it or not, camping hunters in this game gets heavily punished the same as in Dead by Daylight. The key here is not to have someone get caught in the first 30 seconds of the match, if someone is downed in the first 30 seconds, there's a massive chance the Hunter will be able to get a draw or even a win. However, if 3 Ciphers are done and no one is downed, there's a big chance of 3 of you escaping the match and win

Always do not let the person reach the second stage on the chair, if a person gets put on a chair, its actually a very bad idea to leave them till they get sent back to the manor, cuz most of the time these hunters will have teleport, meaning once the person is dead, they will move instantly to the next person, and very easy to get a draw. That's why you should always save before the person reaches the second stage, then save him again, and again, provided with tide turner by the time the first person dies all ciphers should be done as long as your team is working effectively

You should always have 2 person working on a Cipher while one person going for the save (Tide Turner will buy a lot of time), if someone is at their second stage, once you save them try to tank hits or even let the hunter down you instead of him. Since if he gets put on a chair again he is dead instantly, while you will give your teammates much more time to do ciphers

Working separately instead on 1 Cipher, this is important, because the faster you decode the Cipher will shake more heavily, meaning the Hunter will notice much easier than you working on a gen, also when he comes near, all of you will scatter around like chicken wasting everyone's time since you will need time to find a new cipher, that's why working on the same cipher is bad

Fake Save

This is extremely important if you don't want to get terror-shock while saving your teammates, when you are trying to save someone, first run to the chair, then back out just to see if the Hunter will hit you, there's a small chance the hunter will end up hitting the chair, while in recovery giving you the time to save your mate. If you are hit don't waste time, save the person and then run. If you are still healthy, you should follow behind your mate to land a hit for him, running while still healthy is a bad move since you will lead your teammate to a doom

If there is a Coordinator on your team, do not go for a save unless he told you so
Always use in-game messages to chat with your team, it's usually much better for Coordinator to save since they will have Tideturner, which will delay the person getting onto the chair again, and with the flaregun, there's a good chance your teammate can escape. When someone gets put on a chair a Coordinator will be forced to save anyway, so focus on Decode if you can. However, if the Coorde have used her flare and have used her tide-turner, if you are close to the chairperson don't feel bad to save

Join up with Friends/ People that are EXP

Join Dead by Daylight Official Discord, heck even in-game chat to advertise and find exp players, in normal games, if you come across exp players don't feel bad adding them, add them and see if they are willing to team up with you. Premade teams make a big difference, especially if you guys are on a voice com, all coordinated teams on CN server have over 70% winrate Tier 5 and above, with the highest win rate team having over 90% win rate
Do a 360 if there are no pellets/ windows
This is your last resort if there are no pellets/ windows/ buildings around, you can simply turn your camera and do a 360 around the killer, it most likely will not work on hunters with bigger range like the Clown, but it might work against Geisha. This will also buy you some time if you are going in a circle around corners, you just turn back and run, should buy you a few seconds

Leave when you have 3 people alive and one person is on the chair

If exit gates are opened, and 3 of you are near the gate and one person is on the chair, simply just leave, your goal needs to have 3 people escape, meaning sacrificing one person actually is good since you won the match already. There are many cases where people still linger around, trying to save their mate and give 2-3 kills for the Hunter, do not give Hunters easy wins

Try to get a Draw whenever possible instead of risking for a loss
If one person is already dead and you have 2-3 ciphers left, it's extremely likely that the Hunter will be able to get a Draw, always try to aim for a Draw whenever you can so you do not lose 8 points in Ranked. Getting a Draw will let you get some points back depending on how well you did during the match, getting a Draw as tier 3 will give you 2-3 points, enough to climb up to Tier 4

Baiting the Hunter into a Stun
This is a nice trick, the same as in Dead by Daylight with respecting the pellet, most hunters will try to hit and assume the survivor will just stand there, if you walk backward a bit, after their hit you can pull the pellet down to stun them instantly, this only work for EXP survivors and top-level players

For safety reasons, if you are playing characters with slow-vault, slower vault also affects how fast you pull down pellets, do not try to bait the hunter into a stun by trying to stun them. 7/10 you will end up getting hit unless you are in spots where it's completely safe from the hunter, this is due to your slower pellet pull-down speed, which teleports you in the middle, and the hunter will hit through the pellet and hit you. Most of the time it's simply better to just drop the pellet, it's much safer this way. Also, try to memorize where all the pellets are

Hunters have different hit-range
When trying to pellet stun the Clown/ Hell Ember be extremely careful, especially the Clown, to be 100% safe you should not try to stun them unless they made a mistakes, cuz they have the biggest attack range out of all hunters, meaning they can hit through pellets most of the time, especially against slow-vault characters, against short-range hunters like Geisha, you can try to do a 360 on her, and sometime it will work

Stay safe out there!


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looking through this, its alot of stuff that i know, or have learned through playing and its all good advice. But I am a tier 4 hunter now, and reading through the infinites section brought on some rage inducing flashbacks that end with face camping someone and completely ignoring the rest of the team, even if they all rush to save him with the doors open because i just want that one person dead.
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Nice! It 'll be so good for many newbies jusst like me :3
Tks 4 ur experience <3
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