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The Mind's Eye adjustment suggestion

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Hello everyone. Welcome to adjustment suggestion site for The Mind's Eye.

1st choice: Let her stun.

Firstly, Echo. Her vision is less than normal survivor. While moving, she will use cane so she can imagine surroundings and her vision is wider than normal. When incapacitated, her vision will decrease. She will see nearby teammate or hunter aura when they are moving. She can use Echo Location which is striking cane to the ground and show hunter location for 10s to her and her teammates with 50s cooldown time. She can use Echo Shock which is striking cane to the ground and push nearby hunter away for certain distance(More close she is with hunter, more further hunter hunter pushed away. Hunter will stun if he/she crash with object. Max around 3s. It will cancel hunter attack recovery if she use it when hunter attack. ) with 50s cooldown time which available by staying near hunter for certain time(More close she is with hunter, more faster gauge increase. Approximal at 30s. Echo Shock can't stack.). When she use Echo Location, Echo Shock will cooldown. And when she use Echo Shock, Echo Location will cooldown too.

Secondly, Mind's Eye. Due to blindness, she will focus on what she do. Her decoding speed is increased by 40% and her exit gate opening speed is increased by 20%. But she need to be mind while moving so her movement speed when capacitated is decreased by 10% and her movement speed when incapacitated is decreased by 100%.

Thirdly, Fragile. She is physically weak so her obstacles vaulting speed is decreased by 30%.

I suggest 1st choice like these because instead of Wildling who move slower than others, The Mind's Eye should be one. And to compensate, if she can contain hunter for certain time. She can have some trick to survive longer.

Comment your idea.

Thank you.


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