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The reasons why i hate idv and uninstalling this game!!!

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So lets talk about the worst things or my hated things in identity v.

Survivors persona talent tree. Currently survviros  talent tree is very good and very unfair for hunters. The unfair talent skills is horsefly effect with that hunters can't hit because pallets drops really fast for yellow and red ping hunters it's really unfair. Savior Comlplex with that skills the rescuer quickly release survivors tied in rocket chair and get away. Hunters can't even chase and hit rescuers. Too good for survivors and too unfair hunters. Knee jerk horsefly effect with that survivrs quickly get away from hunters.  Borrowed time surivors auto heals or get up when the last ciphers pops  most borowed time is used with escape talent or tied turner. Only hunters  detention stops borrowed time talent and makes balance in this game.  Tied Turner, survivors with this talent skill survivors immune to attack they can unlock gates or decode final cipher or escape trought gate because it's 20 seconds really long and to OP unfair talent, most hunters lost buy this talent skill.  Hunters can stop borrowed time with detention but what stops tied turner? NOTHING!! Distress this talent skill is pure for cipher rush all survivors can see each other which also mean decoding cipher locations. And lastly cipher percentage or healing percantage in quick  chat and it meant for 100% cipher rush or cipher pop and other strategy.

Chat. Public chat , match lobby chat and  post match chat is annoying i posted about it before. Okay, i understand public chat where players chat each other about everything in identity v but sometimes some words or username is innaprotiate or annoying  and  public chat decrease game performance during matchmaking becasue too many messages pop up every 1 seconds,  mostly in matchmaking  i get lags and can't press ready because game lags.  For this i want option to disable public chat. For match lobby chat i also want option to disable showing survivors chat for hunters it's unnecessary to see what survivors chatting because hunter can't chat with em. And some survivors can be toxic and insult hunter in match lobby chat and hunters will see it and can't chat against em. Post match, after match ending some survivors can also be toxic mocking and insult hunter saying " this hunter ez" "lol" "nub" etc... "GG" is not harmfull word but it's annoying to see this word because you lost and survivors are really happy about it and you not. Or survivors shouting  to each other or to hunter and insulting  that you are cheater while hunter is not cheating. So post match chat should need option to auto exist or disable showing survivors chat after match.
Like button. Like button is sometiems is mocking, survivors only gives likes thumbs up to you only when you lost match. And when you win survivors gives thumbs up to you?!? RARE! So i need option that disable or hide likes for hunters.

And lastly most unfair thing is duo hunter mode. It's really unfair for hunters( i also said before in my previous posts). First survivors have 15 items 4 upgrades and will use telephone boots to buy items and upgrades. Hunter is only have 4 upgrades 2 items which survivors is also have "Smoke bottle" and "Black mud" this items should be unique for hunters! Most times hunters buy upgrades and not this 2 usless items  because "Black mud" damage has been removed and survivors have 3 HP to go down and surivors was also able to body block their teammates from black mud attacks! Why you devs removed it?! Why?! 100% unfair! Hunter also need to go to telephone boots to buy upgrades  it's interaction speed is really slow and always  hunters don't have enough time or right time to buy upgrades  mostly hunters buy it only when 1-2 cipher left  or all cipher decoded situation. So hunters need option to not use telephone boots to buy uprades or remove hunter interaction slow speed with telepehone boots. Hunters carry only one items while survivors can carry 2 items! Why hunters can't carry at least this  2  usless items?! 100% unfair! When survivors placed on rocket chair they go to  "confinement stage" and it's too long 45 seconds wtf?! This time is 100% cipher risj for survivors. Hunters can reduce and increase countdown speed for only upgrades and this upgrades are too expensive 4000 points to buy it wtf?! 100% unfair. Hunters upgrades are too expensive and survivors get  more points then hunters buy decoding or chased for hunters it's really hard to get this upgrade points pallaet destroy 100 points chase 50-200 points wtf ?! only surivors hit give 200-500 points. Too many flare guns that survivors can carry 2 flare guns  and stun is too long even hunter with talent "desperate fight" can't reduce that many flare gun stun duration in duo hunter mode. When survivors open dungeon with crowbar all 8 survivors can escape with only one dungeon wtf?! 100% unfair. All survivors near dungeon is waiting for hunter to come and shoot with flare guns to mock hunters and escape! Devs need to change it adding only 3-4 survivors escape limit with dungeon in 2vs8  and after dungeon used it should closed  and  open again in random dungeon spawn places, opened.

Now let's talk about "griefers" in duo hunter mode. Most grifers or friendly hunters is survivors main that plays in  rank matches and  when they lost match  in rank match  they go to duo hunter mode to ruin other hunters game and release stress (Also the rank matchemaking is long for survivors because everyone want's to play as survivors and hunters are few to join rank match and that few hunters can be pro. PC version survivors rank matchmaking is really few hunters playing and waiting time  takes 5-20 minutes until hunter found) Because i checked their profiles and also rank match is first then after rank match, duo hunter match starts.  For survivors it maybe friendlly hunter but for other hunter it's pure 100% griefing and being toxic. Ruining others match (teamkilling, griefing) is sin in every multiplayer game and everyone knows and hates it! I even posted about this griefers if you checked my other posts. So how this griefers(friendly hunters ) grief in duo hunter match. First they will do nothing you can see them chasing but it actually not, it's faking to think that he's noob and can't hit survivors. Okay, when you knockdown survivors they will pick  and go to safer places avoiding you. Some survivors who didn't know that he was friendly hunter will struggle free and you hit that survivors, knock down while you knockdown and wait for your attack animation ends the griefer quickly  picks it up and again again until you rage or rage quits. Second they body block your attacks. As smiley face and gamekeeper griefers(firenldy hunter) can easily body block your skills. While you as smiely face with propeller they can block your dash or when use hook as gamekeeper they can block your hook. Etc,,, for other hunters skills that can be blocked with another hunter! Third thing, the griefer(friendly hunter) will not accept surrender when you press surrender button and he will keep decline it until all ciphers decoded and survivors opened gates and waiting to shoot you with many flare guns and mock you with emotes only then he will accept surrender! The most toxic griefers(friendly hunters)!
And you can't do nothing about them reporteting them for negative play or for other reason they can't be banned no matter how many reports you send  repeatedly. And your only option is restart idv and prey for finding non griefers in duo hunter match. And  not only me suffers but many hunters in duo hunter match
REPORTING THEM IS USLESS! THEY WILL NEVER BE BANNED BECAUSE DEVS DON'T CARE OR DON'T HAVE TIME TO READING EVERY MILLION REPORTS EVERYDAY! So theres NO PUNISHIMENT for this players! I posted about duo hunter mode anti-grief system in my previous posts i'll write this again. There's need option to report griefers in report system. If that griefer(friendly hunter) is reported by his random 3-5  co op hunters  3-5 times that player should be punshed. The punishement of course to not able play as hunter in duo hunter mode for 1-3 weeks, or for 5 days which means to not letting that griefer(friendly hunter) to ruin other hunters matches and experiences. There's too many griefer hunters lately!!

This is all the reason why i hate this game and uninstalling it. I uninstalled this game 4 times and this is last one and FINAL! Why i installed this game after unisntalling it you ask? Answer is easy, i was hoping that every new hunter or updates can change , can return this 50%/50% game balance. But i was wrong it forever stayed to 40%/60%  and will never return to original state. I don't care about new skins, events and characters! Identity v is not Identity that i know it's different game. Not survival horror multiplayer game anymore it's just  childrens competitive multiplayer game. The horror is long gone from this game! Now i'm playing DBD mobile and last year , home sweet home and other fine DBD like  survival horror multiplayer games on android and PC! FAREWELL IDENTITY V!!!  NOW I CAN FINALLY BE FREE FROM THIS SUFFERING GAME! I DON't NEED YOU ANYMORE!!


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