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white screen idv how to FIX THIS PLEEEASE 新人帖 New HoshiBuraito The day before yesterday 13:57 021 HoshiBuraito The day before yesterday 13:57
I lost my account 新人帖 New Dain_blabla The day before yesterday 08:23 014 Dain_blabla The day before yesterday 08:23
LOW FPS and freezing since the last update on PC 新人帖 New Marzzun The day before yesterday 02:13 022 Marzzun The day before yesterday 02:13
My game doesn't open 新人帖 New Sya 3 day(s) ago 060 Sya 3 day(s) ago
I lost my account 新人帖 New EISWEIN 3 day(s) ago 017 EISWEIN 3 day(s) ago
Lost account after maintenance 新人帖 Spider_noodles 2021-3-18 174 EISWEIN 3 day(s) ago
I LOST MY ACCOUNT 新人帖 attach_img heatlevel  ...23456..22 Xenon@25 2019-5-6 22216992 EISWEIN 3 day(s) ago
32 bit PC version 新人帖 BogdanJW 2019-5-25 35692 dallasos 3 day(s) ago
IDV - Solution to the problem "The game does not open"  ...23 LoriDesu 2021-4-2 21906 StanSans 4 day(s) ago
The problem of starting the game on Windows 10 新人帖 New erkuren 5 day(s) ago 6151 w1therghast 4 day(s) ago
identity v se cierrra despues de mostar el mensaje no hay actualizaciones dis... New jaket 5 day(s) ago 167 jonyhofeer 5 day(s) ago
EL PROGRAMA DEJA DE FUNCIONAR 新人帖 New ArcangelLuzbel 5 day(s) ago 038 ArcangelLuzbel 5 day(s) ago
PC Client crashing during matches, Win10/NAEU 新人帖 w1therghast 2021-4-10 151 w1therghast 5 day(s) ago
Lost my account. Pls help me. 新人帖 New duvetmayi 5 day(s) ago 028 duvetmayi 5 day(s) ago
PC version not starting 新人帖 attach_img heatlevel  ...23456 melonmilk 2019-4-14 5631983 ventussr 5 day(s) ago
My computer crashing while playing games, any help 新人帖 New GunnerCarter 7 day(s) ago 247 GunnerCarter 6 day(s) ago
identity v no se abre después de la ultima actualización (pc) 新人帖 jaket 2021-4-1 3213 absurdah 7 day(s) ago
Bug on buying costumes 新人帖 New Scarletlove84 7 day(s) ago 023 Scarletlove84 7 day(s) ago
S Limited skin removed from account! 新人帖 rrumiu 2021-4-12 126 ventussr 7 day(s) ago

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